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PG Strike Freedom Gundam


Submitted By: Laurence

This is the largest Perfect Grade kit Bandai ever built. The PG Strike Freedom Gundam. This kit is really awesome and massive too. It stands almost a head taller than the Strike Gundam. When the Dragoons spread wide open it is wider than 00 Raiser. And this guy weighs a total weight of 2kg in plastics.

I like this kit a lot and also enjoyed the most building this kit. Bandai really did a great job this time on the articulation of this kit. You can feel the difference if you built a few PG before. It is more firm and tight on the joints. No problem on any post you throw on this guy so far. And any post will look just great when the Dragoon behind spread wide open and exposing all the shinny gold frame. It is really a masterpiece.

I really love Mr Katoki designing this kit. And his trademark with all the nice markings that made this kit even more stunning. No regret getting this kit. Those who haven’t get it or still thinking whether to get it a not. Stop thinking and get it now from HobbyLink Japan. Highly recommended, a kit you cannot miss!

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  1. Hey,

    I have a question, I have started putting the decals on this kit after a few months it has been standing on a shelf, I was wondering did you use the original decals and did you clear coat the kit afterwards? because I am wondering how the original decals are working with clear coats, preferable a flatt coat I am thinking of putting on to protect the decals and few panel lines.


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