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The Shadow of Astraea


Submitted By: Nelson Lopez

A side story to the Gundam 00 Series is the Mobile Suite Gundam 00F. The Astraea Type-F piloted by Fon Spaak. The manga never made it to the anime. I just hope Sunrise would do someday. This is an interesting piece of model kit compared to the other Non-grade gundam kits I have seen and have assembled. The package has lots of runners too! Also, since this is a different version of the Astraea, it has some parts of the Exia as well.

Because I made a bit of customisations, I veered away from its stock red color. I used a different paint scheme. I prepped the entire kit especially the joints with a graphite paint and then have it finished with a translucent red spray paint. The trick part in the painting is having the two mixtures of paint react evenly together while both of them are wet. So in effect, the translucent red color has to eat-up the graphite’s mixture.

In summary, the details that I added are:

– Red and graphite paint mixture
– Coil-over damper springs
– Exposed circuit boards at the thighs
– Leg pistons

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. wonderful model 😀

  2. thanks for viewing!

  3. Good looking kit and the colors are awesome


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