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S.H.Figuarts Luigi by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

S.H.Figuarts Luigi by Bandai (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Following the unboxing, here’s the review for Bandai’s latest Luigi action figure. Like the Mario figure before it, it’s a fantastic toy and really captures the spirit of the character (while also being great fun to play with). This review also contains the separate Play Set C that was released alongside Luigi.

Considering how often Luigi tends to get ignored by fans, up until his recent “death stare” popularity, it’s nice to have a set of the two Italian plumbers finally.

One of the nicest parts of these Super Mario releases is that with each one you get more parts to build your own level. Luigi’s set comes with new parts and Play Set C also comes with two new enemies, too. These being a Piranha Plant and a Buzzy Beetle, the finish on both is great and just like the classic artwork. You also get some new red pipes, too.

Bandai also decided to show how the toys and the level building interact in a charming new trailer. It also had a nice reveal that Yoshi will be joining the brothers in May next year (along with a re-release of Mario, too).

Anyway, on with the review.












Put simply, Bandai has utterly nailed this Luigi figure. It has high-end and pretty complex articulation coupled with a seriously nice finish in terms of detailing and sculpt. It also comes with a stand and the dreaded red koopa shell (which you’ll need a separate pair of hands and connectors to hold). The stand affixes at the rear with a separate interchangeable fixture.

The articulation is worth highlighting especially as it affords a large range of movement for a figure this small and allows for some great poses (helped by the presence of the stand, obviously). Considering the character’s design, the articulation is also handled well as it doesn’t feel out of place. That is no mean feat, as the joints could have been done in a very generic way and broken the cartoon visuals.

So if you are a Super Mario fan then you absolutely cannot excuse yourself from not purchasing this fantastic little Luigi figure. After all, you’ll need him to keep your Mario company until Yoshi arrives!

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  1. Looking forward to getting this! However this is $35 is canada yet Mario was $25 on launch. Wonder why this model is more expensive.


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