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Wonder Festival 2015 Winter (Part 2: Garage Kits)

You’ve already seen lots of great photos of upcoming items that we saw in the commercial section at Wonder Festival Winter 2015, but we also checked out the part of the show reserved for smaller manufacturers and independent producers. You’ll also find people there selling used items, in a flea-market type of situation.

This part of the show was a bit quieter and a bit less crowded than the commercial section, but there was just as much amazing stuff to be seen there, if not more!

The first thing we saw when we entered was the long booth occupied by Guiniol Formative Workshop, with enormous and very detailed puppet figures of Godzilla and friends. Several of them are rigged to breathe “smoke,” and Baragon could wiggle his ears in addition to the smoke! Check out the highly detailed set below Baragon, too, with the painstakingly constructed buildings and festival booths!

The next booth we gravitated to was Shinzen, who had a truly impressive array of more realistic monsters on display, including this incredible long dragon and some amazing dinosaurs (check out those awesome T-Rexes)!
A truly magnificent piece, this Tetsujin 28 Go by Eisaku Kito is a scratch-built one-of-a-kind–there’s none other like it in the entire world!

Maruyama Mokei had several awesome movie monsters on display, including this very aggressive Zontar from the classic sci-fi film “It Conquered the World,” and a drop-dead gorgeous Nautilus from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” held aloft by a most impressive giant squid!
Studio 27 featured this impressive display of upcoming cars, bikes and decals!

Our friends at Matuo Casten had built-up versions of these insanely detailed and tiny tanks and military vehicles on display, in addition to their wide assortment of other mouth-watering military miniatures.

(origami1-3) If you’re looking for something a little different, how about an origami Valkyrie? Origami no Shinkobo had some really impressive folded-paper spacecraft on display!

5prostudio had some super-cute classic robots like Getter Robo and Giant Gorg to show off, including adorable pilot figures for some of them!

Kurohige had a magnificently huge Daimajin on display, as well as some stunning dinosaurs!
Gasha were very excited to show us their upcoming resin-cast Go Varian!
3on1 brought the “Attack on Titan” love with this huge, intimidating Titan, as well as his shocked-looking friend Shibozu!
Grotesque Sundries Gallery Bakeneko Yashiki had several castings of their original cat sculpture on display in different colors, as well as an over-the-head mask of the same character that stopped us in our tracks!
Takaotacraft brought this really stunning cast-metal mask of Gurren Lagann interpreted as a regal samurai helmet!
Headlong showed off this beautiful and highly detailed 1/6-scale PVC of Raiden from the “Metal Gear” video games!

Needle felting is a crafting craze here in Japan. Most people use it to make cute toylike figures of pets and cuddly animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and pandas, but Feutre Mille makes outstanding anime-style figures, including this gorgeous Ultimate Madoka! Doesn’t she look like she’s made out of cotton candy?
And further proving that not everything at Wonder Festival is a model kit or figure, Waiban-Dou had a booth filled with really adorable handmade stuffed toys of dragons and other mythical critters! We came by later in the day, and nearly all of them had found new homes.

Obitsu featured their life-size Obitsu150 doll body in a blank, nude version for full customization, and a fully dressed, wigged version!

Moderhythm was selling the charming Mechatro WeGo robot figures by Sentinel, and they also had this huge display of customized Mechatro WeGo robots by many different creators! The variety is amazing!

Schwyn Haas’s booth featured a gleaming golden Ryusei-Go, as well as a flashy Mach 5 in two different scales. The 1/18-scale Mach 5 is available in traditional white and gleaming silver, and the 1/32 scale Mach 5 is also available in your choice of black, blue or red in addition to white or silver! We were told that the body of the 1/18-scale car is made of pressed metal, making for a solid and really beautiful display piece.

Cyany showed off their extensive lineup of affordable, posable figures, ready for assembly and customization!

Metal Box‘s booth had a section that we were not permitted to photograph, but here’s a picture of the part where photography was allowed. These were figures that were on sale that day.

Quite a few vendors had outstanding Maschinen Krieger models on display. Hexamodel featured this beautifully done Kelberos (King Krote version) and Egg Eater, among others.

Rainbow Egg also had some stunning Ma.K. items, including this grinning Neuspinne and the Konigs Krote.
TheAstro6’s booth was the home to this intimidating-looking insectoid guy! Anybody got a rolled-up newspaper?

And speaking of insects, Mushibuchi brought these scarily realistic oversized insect models to show off. Yikes!!
These guys, seen at Higashi Nakano Department Store’s booth, would like a word with anyone who believes pandas are cute and cuddly!

Cat Shit One had a wide assortment of animals clad in realistic military gear–check out the astronaut rabbit!
TAYLAND brought a huge display of customized “Virtual-On” mecha!
The Thing & Gikobo’s gleaming scarlet Sinanju was a very popular item that day–it was difficult for us to get close enough for a photo, since there were was a layer 6 people deep at that booth!

Ikaremanbou had a Roundfacer Soltic and a Blockhead from “Dougram” on display–it’s nice to see these classic 1980s robots getting some love!

Daimos Monster-Labo’s selection of classic kaiju featured many epic battles!
An unexpected surprise was finding a whole row of tables offering steampunk-style items. The booth attendants were all decked out in their finest retro-futuristic gear, and the range of merchandise was astonishing, from jewellery to gorgeous bronze sculptures.

These animals are all geared up and ready for adventure!
Akishi Ueda’s sculpture of this stately six-legged beast seems to have strolled out of a steampunk daydream.

Our favorite pieces of the entire show were these bronze sea-dwellers by Nozomu Shibata of Hope Metal Craft. We couldn’t decide if we liked the octopus or the squid better, so here’s a photo of each.
As you can probably tell, Wonder Festival is a dizzying experience with a wide-ranging variety of items for just about anyone! Every collector and fan needs to check it out–we’ll hope to see you at a future Wonder Festival!

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  1. Thanks as always for the great coverage! For folks like myself not in Japan, it’s really awesome to see a little of what it’s like to visit such a show.

  2. Looks like a very fun place to go


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