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New Plamo Arrivals for September 23, 2022

We’ve got a bevy of new model kits this week, including in-stock and available to order releases from last week! The highlights include Digimon, GaoGaiGar, Megami Device, and Exkaiser, but there are plenty more where those come from. Check out all the new kits below, and get your orders in before they’re gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Alphamon

Bandai brings us a new Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit of the Alphamon from “Digimon X-Evolution”! The parts division is carefully designed to make the different-colored areas on the Alphamon stand out; the booster on its back is equipped with a movable fin that’s original to this model! The cloak is made of an ultra-thin PET sheet for expressive posability. An effect sheet is included, too.


RG GaoGaiGar

The mighty GaoGaiGar from “The King of Braves GaoGaiGar” gets a new RG-scale model kit from Bandai! It’s highly accurate to its appearance in the anime, and it’s jointed for a flexible range of motion while keeping its proportions accurate. It’s molded in color, so you can achieve a result just like the cover illustration just by assembling it!  It features a newly developed manipulator hand with movable knuckles for natural finger motion; its knees have a wider range of movement now as well. The Stealth Gao attached to its back is equipped with a heat dissipation fin-opening gimmick when the Hell And Heaven move is activated; the Dividing Driver uses metal parts for an accurate texture, with a built-in spring and a telescopic shaft. Effect parts are included for the activation of the Protect Shade, and fixed large hand parts are included for the activation of the Hell And Heaven!

Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis

Mutsumi Koashi (Megami Device)

The “Megami Device” plamo line and “Alice Gear Aegis” team up once more to bring us a kit of the signature actress from the series, Mutsumi Koashi! All of her equipment from the game is here, such as her hammer and sniper rifle. Three pre-printed faces are included and you can switch her between Armed and Unarmed mode in a simple exchange of parts. And, don’t forget you can even combine her with other Kotobukiya kits to make your own unique creation!


SMP ALTERNATIVE DESTINY Brave Exkaiser King Exkaiser

“SMP Alternative Destiny” is a spin-off brand of Bandai’s “SMP” (Shokugan Modeling Project) lineup, with cutting-edge and stylish designs! The second entry in the series is King Exkaiser from “Brave Exkaiser,” designed by Toshihisa Miyauchi! He’ll be posable after assembly, and he comes with his normal sword plus a forced-perspective version for extra-dramatic posing! A piece of soda-flavored gum is also included.

Metal Skin Panic

MODEROID MADOX-01 (Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01)

From “Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01” comes the very first plastic model of the Slave Trooper MADOX-01, ready for your workbench!

Number 57

1/24 NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Hunting Fang Plastic Model Kit

Creative Field’s “Armored Puppet” sci-fi model kit series gains a new vehicle: the Hunting Fang! This AI weapon for ground support transforms into an armored motorbike to cover flat ground, and on rugged terrain, it transforms into a saber-tooth tiger form for nimble agility!


1/8 Maria Plastic Model Kit

X Plus presents a 1/8 scale plastic model kit of a faithful reproduction of the mechanical human ‘Maria’ created by Walter Schulze-Mittendorf in the German silent film “Metropolis.” Not only are her parts sculpted in unique detail, but a chair is included as a base which was an iconic part of the film.

Assault Suit Leynos

1/35 AS-5E3 Leynos (Land Warfare Specifications) [Renewal Ver.]

“Heavy Machine Soldier Leynos” was released in 1990 as a 2D side-scrolling action video game. In the game, players operated their own Leynos robot, with a strategy of capturing and selecting multiple weapons. The main robot from the game, the AS-5E3 Leynos, is now a model kit from P.M. Office A! It’s molded in the same dark yellow color as seen in the game, and the 50mm assault launcher, the shield, and the head and leg units as special parts for land-battle specifications are newly molded parts. (The 12.7mm Gatling gun is not included.) Originally released in 2012, this model kit includes renewed packaging in addition to the new parts.

Hobby Japan

Ix Claire Nightmare Crow

The Ix Claire Nightmare Crow is a renewal version of the Ix Claire Gust Crow; while the earlier model kit’s colors were based on red, the Nightmare Crow is based on dark purple for a completely different appearance! In addition to its clear purple parts, a set of bonus colorless clear parts is also included, so you can assemble this mighty mech to your own liking. It’s loaded with abundant armaments, and comes with a smoke-gray display base. The packaging features outstanding new full-color illustrations as well.


MODEROID Great Zeorymer (Reissue)

From “Hades Project Zeorymer” comes a rerelease of the plastic model of Great Zeorymer! The plastic model stands 15cm in height to the top of the head, going up to 20cm in height when equipped with its back unit. The model kit features runners separated into different colors, and also includes decals and pre-painted parts, so all it takes is simple assembly to recreate the mecha from the series. Its Infernal Hades and J-Kaiser attacks can be recreated, and the missile hatches on its legs can be displayed opened.


MODEROID Baldios (Reissue)

From the series “Space Warrior Baldios” comes a rereleased plastic model kit of Baldios! The mecha has been carefully replicated for the MODEROID line. The model features many points of articulation and includes parts to recreate the combination of Pulser Burn, Baldi Prize and Cateranger into Baldios. Pulse Sabers, the Baldi Guard Shield and Shoulder Cannons are all included, as well.


Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Tiga -ACTION-

Ultraman Tiga joins the “Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit ACTION” figure-kit lineup, with exchangeable parts for maximum action! This figure was designed by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi; this figure’s range of motions is wide enough after assembly for him to get into the Special Move Zeperion Ray pose! There are two types of abdominal parts to choose from — the movable type, and the type that can accept an LED unit (not included, sold separately). The Zeperion Spear is also included!

Kamen Rider

Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Skull

Kamen Rider Skull from “Kamen Rider W” joins the Figure-rise Standard model-kit lineup from Bandai! His characteristic head is modeled in great detail, with silver-finished parts for an extra metallic feeling. His iconic hat is of course included, along with an extra brim with a rip in it. The Skull Memory can be attached to the Skull Magnum; in addition to the normal mode, the maximum mode can be reproduced by rotating the barrel. A briefcase that can be opened and closed is also included; the Double Screwdriver, Skull Memory and Gaia Memory included with the Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker (sold separately) can be stored inside. Interchangeable hands are also included.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Figure-rise Standard Uma Musume Pretty Derby Tokai Teio

From “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” comes a new Figure-rise Standard kit of Tokai Teio! She can be posed running with a forward leaning posture, a pose often seen in the game and anime series. The skirt has a slit structure on the sides, allowing for a large range of posability. The double-layered parts serve as a cover, allowing you to pose her running in a forward leaning pose without compromising her silhouette!

Three different facial expressions are included. The head features ears and ribbons for added movement, and a ponytail that flutters in the wind. Hand parts of different colors are included on the left and right sides. A total of six different right hands are included along with a flat hand.


SDW Heroes Chouun 00 Gundam Command Package

The newest “SD Gundam” lineup has started: “SD Gundam World Heroes The Legend of Dragon Knight”! Chouun from “SD Gundam World Sangoku Sojuden” is now available in a new form, with the new Command Package giving him a larger and more impressive form! Some of the hatches can be opened and closed, and each part, including the wing, is equipped with a common 3mm shaft and a large number of 4mm diameter ball joints for posability. He can be attached to the SD Sangok Sojuden Trinity Bike (sold separately). The characteristic hair parts are molded in clear yellow.


Choi-Pla Brutish Dog

The Brutish Dog from “Armored Trooper Votoms” joins the “Choi-Pla” model-kit lineup from Cavico Models! It’s humorously proportioned but still very detailed and accurate, as well as heavily armed.

Marvelous Museum

Marvelous Museum – Mechanical Atlas

The Mecha Atlas model kit from Suyata brings us a mechanical version of the famous Atlas beetle! Fully posable after assembly, it’s molded in color so paint isn’t needed, and it also snaps together so glue isn’t needed either. It comes with transparent wings to assume its flight mode, and its mechanical internal parts are also included. The first production of this kit will include additional front chest and head parts molded in clear plastic! (These items are only included with the first production of the kit. If yours does not include these items, it was not part of the first production.)

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS Optional Body Parts Arm Parts & Leg Parts [Color C]

Give your favorite 30MS (30Minutes Sisters) figures a refresh with these optional parts! This set is in the same color as 30MS SIS-A00 Luluche (Color C) (sold separately). Expressive hand parts are included, as are arms and legs; two types of neck parts are included so she’ll be able to move her head side to side, or backward and forward! Unpainted face parts are also included so you can create your own custom facial expressions.

30MS Optional Body Parts Type S03 [Color C]

Here’s a set of summer-themed optional body parts for your 30MS (30Minutes Sisters) figure model kits from Bandai! These parts are equipped with the 3mm joint common to 30MS figures, so you can swap and exchange these parts with your 30MS figures to give them a refreshing new look for summertime!

18+ Dark Advent

Undeaddress Isis DX Ver.

Alphamax is proud to present the third installment of the ‘DarkAdvent’ plastic model series – Undeaddress Isis in a DX version! Her lustrous skin is wrapped in a golden robe, and her graceful appearance truly iconizes her as the proper Queen. She comes with a scepter as a sign of sovereignty and a statue of her late husband and king, Ravuses XII. The scepter’s decoration can be adjusted, and the statue of Ravuses XII can be attached to Isis’ outfit. The horns on her head can be replaced with two different types, giving her both a dignified and cute appearance. She comes with a straight face, a face without tampo printing and decals.

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