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New Plamo Arrivals for September 2, 2022

We’ve got a flood of great new plamo arrivals this week! Kotobukiya brings us Hexa Gear and Frame Arms Girl, plus a variety of other manufacturers offer new Macross, Transformers, Fafner, chitocerium, and more! It’s a great week to be a plamo builder — check out all the new releases below, and grab yours before they’re gone!

Hexa Gear

1/24 Hexa Gear V-THOR

The V-THOR Hexa Gear unit uses a completely new operating system that allows its Governor to connect to it to a higher degree than was ever possible before; this system requires an experienced Governor with a long military history and a tough mind. It’s armed with a charged super-large tactical sword (at 28.3cm long, the longest melee weapon in the entire Hexa Gear series so far!), and an HD Plasma Cannon; it boasts the widest range of posability in the Hexa Gear series! Four pairs of hands are included to cover virtually any combat situation.

Frame Arms Girl

Frame Arms Girl Innocentia (Racer) & Noseru (Racing Specs Ver.)

A brand new combination of Frame Arms Girl Innocentia and Noseru are here sporting some fresh racing-themed colors! 


1/72 Regult (with Small Missile Pod) Macross

Hasegawa’s model kit of the Regult from “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” gains a small missile pod thanks to newly molded parts! Neither paint nor glue are required to complete this detailed kit, which will be posable after assembly with its newly reinforced poly joints. The left and right main rockets, the charged particle beam cannon at the upper front, and the missile pod are movable; a stand is included to display it in flight. And the package illustration is by Hidetaka Tenjin, too! Decals are included for a unit affiliated with Britai’s Zentradi Army fleet.

Fantasy Girls

1/12 NUKE MATRIX Hurricane Assault Revenger:Prototype Yaeger Amelia.Hartmann

Amelia.Hartmann is the newest entry in the NUKE MATRIX bishoujo figure-kit lineup from Doyusha! Her mech unit is known as HARPY (Hurricane Assault Revenger Prototype Yaeger), and Amelia is equipped with two machine guns and four missile launchers, which can be combined together if you like; she also has effect parts for a sense of dynamism.

Fafner in the Azure

MODEROID Fafner Mark Nicht (Fafner in the Azure THE BEYOND)

From “Fafner in the Azure” comes the first ever plastic model of the Salvator Model said to be Mark Sein’s opposite, Fafner Mark Nicht! The model features fully articulated joints. Eight assimilation cables, a Luger Lance, a Luger Lance firing effect part, a Worm Ring, two back stabilizers and various replacement hand parts are included. Fafner Mark Nicht can be displayed firing its assimilation cables and deploying its homing laser oscillator. Its back stabilizers can also be displayed in standard mode or light mode. The worm ring can be equipped to its hand part. With the use of interchangeable parts, the Luger Lance can be displayed in firing mode.


Transformers Bumblebee Arcee

As seen in the “Transformers” spinoff film “Bumblebee,” Arcee now gets a posable figure kit from Doyusha! Arcee is an Autobot warrior, highly powerful yet feminine; this model kit reproduces her details precisely, and she’s also posable after completion. No glue is required to assemble this kit, and it’s partially painted, too. A display stand is included.

Transformers Bumblebee Cliffjumper

Cliffjumper, an Autobot that escaped from Cyberton together with Bumblebee, now gets a posable figure kit from Doyusha! As seen in the film “Bumblebee,” Cliffjumper transforms into an SF car (please note that this item cannot transform), and is eye-catching with his bright red paint. No glue is required to assemble this kit, and it’s partially painted, too. A display stand is included.


1/1 chitocerium XCII-urania

The fifth plastic model from Masaki Apsy x huke x Good Smile Company’s plastic model line-up “chitocerium” is here – the chitocerium XCII-urania!


1/35 MechatroWeGo No.19 Ghost See-Through & Poncho

This set of two Mechatro WeGo robot model kits includes parts to build a semi-transparent version, and a transparent version! Glue is not required to complete these kits; you can build them in any parts combination you like.



Choi-Pla Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom

The Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom from “Armored Trooper Votoms” joins the “Choi-Pla” model-kit lineup from Cavico Models! It’s humorously proportioned but still very detailed and accurate, as well as heavily armed.

Fujimi Creatures

Creatures Edition Mantis (Metallic Green)

Fujimi’s “Creatures Edition” model kit of a Japanese giant mantis is back — this time in a brilliant metallic green color! It snaps together so glue isn’t needed, and the entire kit is molded in metallic green for a mechanical look. It’s posable after assembly, too, so you can reproduce lots of intimidating mantis postures! At about 20cm long when assembled, it’s a bigger size than is achieved by real mantises.

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