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New Plamo Arrivals For July 16, 2021

This week, Bandai brings us the anticipated 30MM Spinatia & Greninja! We’ve also got new Zoids, Hexa Gear, Frame Arms, Armored Puppet, and more! Check out the photo galleries of all the new releases below, and slam those order buttons before they’re gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

30 Minutes Missions

1/144 30MM EXM-E7f Spinatia (Fencer Type)

Spinatia (Fencer Type) is the first female body in Bandai’s 30MM lineup, and she looks amazing! This all-in-one kit includes parts to build Spinatia herself and her awesome armor. The new structure is easier to assemble than before, with full posability after assembly. She’s equipped with 3mm joints, standard to the 30MM and 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) lineups, so she can use accessories from those lineups as well.

1/144 30MM Optional Parts Set 5 (Multi Wing / Multi Booster)

This 30MM (30 Minutes missions) accessory set includes a multi-wing that changes its appearance when it’s deployed! Attach it to your 30MM figures (sold separately) with the included joint parts; the multi-wing can also be used as a custom part for the legs. A multi-booster that can be folded is also included, as are two types of custom mask and head parts.


Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 47 Select Series Greninja

Greninja is the latest addition to the Pokemon Plastic Model Collection, which combines an easy-to-assemble parts structure with color-coding and movement! The arms and legs are movable to allow for various poses. Two types of effect parts are included in clear molding for a sense of ultra-realism and diverse posing options.


1/144 HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Beam Javelin & Weapon Parts)

Not necessarily a new release, but new to HLJ! This weapon kit was originally included with Gundam Ace magazine and builds into a beam javelin as well as a weapon set (beam rifle, dual cannon, additional unit part for the cannon, super napalm shield, and sasumata), all compatible with HG Gundam kits! This version of the set is made cheaper to ship by excluding the magazine. The 2015 September edition of Gundam Ace magazine is not included.


1/72 Zoids EZ-036 Death Stinger ZS

The newest in Kotobukiya’s luxurious “Zoids” HMM line is EZ-036 Death Stinger ZS – a deadly scorpion mech! The tip of its long tail is equipped with a high-powered charged particle gun and the central barrel can reproduce a mid-firing state that can move back and forth and also extend out! The cover on the side of the tail can be manipulated and transformed into a ‘sea scorpion mode’. The front claws and legs are ultra moveable, too! The head armor can be opened and closed, and the evil compound eye hidden under the armor is reproduced with clear parts.

Hexa Gear

1/24 Hexa Gear Abysscrawler Night Stalkers Ver.

From Kotobukiya’s original sci-fi series “HEXA GEAR” comes the Night Stalkers version of the Abysscrawler! The model and armor parts are of a black coloration similar to the previously released Lord Impulse and Bulkarm Beta Lumberjack making it easy to assemble without painting.

The model system can convert between “Formation 1”, which emphasizes combat, or “Formation 2” for mobility. The effect parts for the ICS equipped to the Biting Scissors on the left arm are detachable, and are made of clear orange plastic to give the model a unique and realistic appearance. The Biting Scissors on the left arm can be opened and closed to create a variety of battle poses.

Frame Arms

1/100 Frame Arms SX-25 Cutlass: RE2

Presenting the Frame Arms SX-25 Cutlass: RE2 from Kotobukiya! Developed as a test unit for the newest line of Frame Arms, Baselard was originally scheduled for discontinuation after the rollout of SX-25. However, due to the demands of the war, several Baselard units were repurposed for use in battle. Amongst these, several units modified with parts from SX-25 were seen in battle. These units were registered as SX-25 Cutlass. An updated version of its predecessor Baselard, Cutlass features a new color scheme and alternative weapons. The model includes two new weapons; the IR-P13 Shot Rifle and Beryl Dagger.

Armored Puppet

1/24 NUMBER 57 Armored Puppet Combat Type L-Type Plastic Model Kit

Creative Field’s Armored Puppet battle robot model-kit series gets a new member with this “Battle Samurai”-style version! This mighty mech comes with battle-type equipment and digital camouflage decals to create a realistic land-warfare look.


Pla-Act 11: Takeda Extreme Armor Decoration Ver.

Welcome the Shingen Takeda-inspired and eleventh addition to the Pla-Act plastic model kit line – Takeda decked out in extreme armor! The armor is based on the image of the cavalry. The included weapon is based on the motif of a war shield, and can be used as a battle axe with its handle extended by using the connecting parts. Decals are included as well and he’ll measure approximately 14.5cm once assembled.

Pla-Act 10: Sanada Extreme Armor Decoration Ver.

Welcome the Yukimura Sanada-inspired and tenth addition to the Pla-Act plastic model kit line – Sanada decked out in extreme armor! He features a distinct six-pointed helmet, large shoulder armor, and leg armor with large, high-powered boosters, while still allowing for a wide range of motion. Special decals are included for the golden Japanese patterns on the armor. He’ll measure approximately 14.5cm once assembled.

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