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New Kotobukiya Plamo Preorders – February 2021

This month, Kotobukiya revealed a number of new kits for preorder which are set to be released between March and August 2021. There’s a lot of great stuff to look forward to, so let’s dive right in!

Protip: Always get your Kotobukiya kits during the preorder phase!
Kotobukiya’s products revolve around preorders; once stock arrives, it’s usually enough to fill preorders plus a little extra. Once that stock is gone, it’s gone!

Unlike Bandai, Kotobukiya doesn’t regularly restock kits, so the kits below will go “discontinued” after they sell out. Kotobukiya does reproduce some kits sometimes, but which kits and when is always unknown. In other words, don’t wait for items to come into stock — always preorder when it comes to Kotobukiya!

Original Kit

Madoka Yuki (Touou High School Winter Clothes) (Reissue)


Zoids: Fang Tiger

Zoids EZ-036 Death Stinger ZS

Hexa Gear

Hexa Gear Abysscrawler Night Stalkers Ver.

Hexa Gear Governor LAT Black Rabbit

Frame Arms

Frame Arms SX-25 Cutlass: RE2

Megami Device

Megami Device: Kanagata Sugumi (Alice Gear Aegis)

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