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New Plamo Arrivals for June 24, 2022

It’s a great week for new plamo! We’ve got several new girlpla kits, including 30 Minutes Sisters, Frame Arms Girl, and Kotobukiy’s line of schoolgirl kits! Plus new Hexa Gear, SDW Heroes, Mechatro, and more! Check them all out below, and as always, get your orders in before stock’s gone!

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS SIS-Ac25g Fal-Farina (Conductor Form)

This all-in-one 30MS (30Minutes Sisters) item includes parts to build a fully posable figure, three interchangeable facial expressions, and armor parts! Her faces are tampo printed, and this figure can be customized as you like with other 30MS optional parts, sold separately.

30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.5

Use these optional hairstyle parts for the 30MS/30 Minutes Sisters line to make your model kits even more unique and to your taste! Four hairstyles are included.

Hexa Gear

1/24 Hexa Gear L.O.Z. [Lord of Zoatex]

This model kit comes with two types of head units: a large (normal) unit reminiscent of a large carnivore, and a small type for recombination, so you can assemble it as you like. (Only one set of Cross Laser Fang is included.) The main body features a flexibility inspired by the body structure of cats; each joint can move up, down, left and right, and 5mm joints are used. A 5mm hole is provided under the abdomen, making acrobatic displays possible with the separately sold Flying Base Neo.

1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Para-Pawn Judge Head

This kit is a variation of the Governor Armor Type: Knight. The head, increased chest armor, large shoulder armor, and large axe are newly molded! The chest and shoulder armor come with left and right parts, and can be equipped on both sides; it’s molded in the same color as the Governor Para-Pawn Sentinel.

Frame Arms Girl

1/1 Frame Arms Girl Magical Baselard

This collaboration between the Frame Arms Girl lineup, Megami Device, and M.S.G. results in Frame Arms Girl Magical Baselard! The Frame Arms Girl kit Baselard Animation Version is the base for this outstanding set; it includes the Ex Armor E (Dress Ver.) and AI Nile Rod for a magical girl theme! The Ex Armor E (Dress Ver.) uses abundant new parts, and is molded in white and clear pink. Each part of the skirt and ribbon are posable for maximum action; the AI Nile Rod is molded in two colors of gold for an antique look. It can be recombined to change it from a large magic wand to various styles like a spear, sickle and wing unit.

Sousai Shojo Teien

1/10 Takanashi Koyomi (Ryobu High School / Summer Clothes)

It’s Takanashi Koyomi’s turn to wear her adorable summer uniform in Kotobukiya’s SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN plastic model line! She comes with a variety of newly designed expressions, including an open-mouth smile and a crying face. Her head parts and other parts are detachable so you can mix and match her with the other girls’ clothes and uniforms. With high-quality pre-painted parts, this model kit is perfect for both beginners and veterans alike.


1/12 MS General RAIDER OF SHADOW RS-02 Ox Cow Plastic Model Kit


1/144 Takemikazuchi Type-00F Yui Custom (Reissue)

The golden yellow TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00F, piloted by Takamura Yui, the heroine of the 2012 Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse anime series, is recreated in 1/144 scale, following its release in NON-scale and D-Style. The compact scale of this model allows for a fewer number of parts and lower pricing, which makes it easier for beginner plastic model builders to also enjoy this model kit.

Besides the greater range of motion than the popular NON-scale design, the best proportions and dynamic aspect of TAKEMIKADUCHI TYPE-00F were recreated in this model. The Type-74 PB Blade, Type-87 Assault Cannon, and the Blade Mount and Gun Mount equipped on its shoulders are included to create this complete model kit. This model has been made compatible with separately sold flying bases so you can recreate the dynamic battle scenes from the series.

Su-37UB Terminator (Reissue)

The Su-37UB Terminator is a two-seater model piloted by Cryska Barchenowa and Inia Sestina. This 2.5th generation tactical unit of the Soviet Union forces is painted with its characteristic camouflage coloring. The shoulder markings and camouflage are recreated with extra-large decals. Each part of this TSF comes pre-painted so that the Su-37UB Terminator can be recreated by just assembling the model! This model has been made compatible with separately sold flying bases so you can recreate the dynamic battle scenes from the series.
Kampf Riesen Mars 1941/1945

Kampf Riesen Mars 1941/1945

1/35 Riesen-Panzer III Terminal Production Type

These late-production types of the Riesen-Panzer III, from Cavico Models’ “Kampf Riesen Mars 1941/1945” lineup, would be a perfect fit in your sci-fi model kit collection! They’re fully posable thanks to polycaps installed in 42 places throughout their mechanical body. The manufacturer recommends partially gluing this snap-fit kit. A dedicated 40mm rocket gun, one meter of winch wire reproduction string, and decals are included.

Oxide Red Version
Dark Yellow Version


1/35 MechatroWeGo No.18 Warm & Cool (Shinonome Lab ver) + With Bonus Sticker

To celebrate the return of Nichijou’s serialization, the characters have joined the MechatroWeGo lineup! In addition to two Mechatro kits, 1/35 scale plastic figures of Hakase, Nono, and Sakamoto are included in this kit! (Hakase and Nono can board the MecatroWeGos). And decals drawn by Keiichi Arawi are included to decorate your mechs!

A bigger 1/20 scale Hakase is also included. The Mechtaro robots can be built with snap-fit assembly, but adhesive and paint are required to assemble the anime figures.

SD Gundam

SDW HEROES Saizo Gundam Delta Kai

Sasuke Gundam Delta Kai, the rival of Sasuke Delta Gundam from “SD Gundam World Heroes,” is now a new model kit from Bandai! A wealth of weapons are included, such as huge shuriken and swords. The shuriken can be combined with the original kit, too!

SDW HEROES War Horse Night World Ver.

The Night World version of the very popular War Horse from “SD Gundam World Heroes” gets a new model kit from Bandai! The leg joints are movable for action poses, and the back can be expanded so that “SD Gundam World Heroes” figures can ride him easily. A series of 3mm ports placed on his body means that armor parts from other figures can be attached, too.

Modeling Support Goods

Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear (BELUGA)

A new series of completely redesigned transforming frames joins the M.S.G lineup from Kotobukiya, like this Variable Frame System 01 Garudagear (BELUGA)! Each joint uses the secure 5mm connection joint/point standard for greater user enjoyment. The compatibility with the separately sold M.S.G GIGANTIC ARMS and HEXA GEAR series allows for a greater variety of customization possibilities. The exterior features a number of hard points (3mm connection points), which can be concealed with detail covers when not in use, for the perfect combination of beauty and augmentation. The Variable Frame System, with its exceptional freedom granted by a multitude of 3mm and 5mm connection joints, also makes for an excellent transforming robot figure.

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