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New Plamo Arrivals for July 1, 2022

This week’s new plamo include kits from Maccross, Syokon-Ki, and Gatchaman! We’ve also got a few more sci-fi plane-type kits for aircraft fans, new highly-versatile Maruttoys, and even a pair of original mecha kits from Alpha Max! See all the new arrivals below, and get your orders in before they’re gone.


1/72 VF-1A Armored Valkyrie Bullseye Operation Part1

The VF-1A armored Valkyrie piloted by Warrant Officer Linus Philander in Operation Bullseye, as seen in the Master File “VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings,” gets a fantastic model kit from Hasegawa! It features newly developed missile hatch parts for the right side of the chest (without circular slits); the A type of head is included. The missile hatches can reproduce the open or closed state by parts replacement; a chest missile hatch with a circular slip and round finger parts are also included as a bonus. The parts are molded in green-gray, light gray, neutral gray and clear, and decals are included for three versions (Integrated Army SVF-22 “408” Warrant Officer Linus Philander, Darts 3; SVF-37 “710” Warrant Officer Karl Lager, Darts 4; Integrated Army 2nd Education and Training Air Wing SVF-59-affiliated aircraft).


1/12 MS GENERAL MG-06 Xiahou Dun x Rikugo Plastic Model Kit

The latest member of Syokon-Ki’s “Tamahime” lineup of mechanical girl figure kits is Xiahou Dun, together with her companion, the Chinese sacred beast Rikugo! Xiahou Dun comes with three interchangeable facial expressions plus two blank ones so you can customize your own expressions for her, as well as a variety of weapons and armor that she can wear — and which can also be equipped to Rikugo!


Gatchaman God Phoenix

Tatsunoko Production’s masterpiece “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” is a fan favorite all over the world — and now the God Phoenix, the Science Ninja Team’s main mode of transportation, is a plastic model from Wave! It can be built in its landed or in-flight form, and it comes with the G-1, G-2, G-3 and G-4 sub mecha; the Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missiles can also be built ready to fire!


1/100 SA-77 SILPHEED / Lancer type convertible kit

The masterpiece shooting game “Silpheed” was released in 1993 as a dedicated software for the home video game console “Mega CD.” This vertical scrolling shooting game used 3DCG, which was produced with the best technology available at the time, gaining tremendous support from players. This model kit from P.M. Office A gives you the ability to build it as the lead ship, the SA-77 Sylpheed, as it appeared at the beginning of the game, or the SA-77 Sylpheed Lancer Type that appeared in the ending movie! The Lancer Type’s long-barreled weapon gives it a silhouette quite different from the normal version. It’s cast in white and gray plastic, so you can get a result close to the cover illustration by assembling it, without the need for paint; a special exhibition base and decals are included too.

Supersylph Yukikaze

1/144 Supersylph Yukikaze Mave Yukikaze Jam Sense Jammer Specifications (Fluorescent Special Decal Included)

Based on the novel “Supersylph Yukikaze,” the OVA of the same name was first released 20 years ago — and now Platz re-releases their awesome kit of the Jam Sense Jammer version of the Mave Yukikaze! This upgraded version features florescent decals to realistically reproduce the unique pattern on the Jam Sense Jammer that emitted red light in the OVA.


Exclair Armed Additional Specifications

The Exclair from Orange Cat Industries is back with a new look! The package has been redesigned, and some of the body parts have been updated; special decals and new parts for the Gatling gun have also been added. The sharp and edgy design is attractive, and some of its joints are posable; it’s molded in multiple colors, too, so you can get a result similar to the package illustration without painting; it also snaps together so glue isn’t needed.

New Continent Machines

Incree (moi Original Robot)

The robot designer moi’s original robot Incree is now a non-scale assembly model kit from Alpha Max! Its parts are combinable and interchangeable with those of Adventure, released at the same time. It snaps together, too, so no glue is needed, and it’ll be posable after assembly thanks to eight points of articulation.

Adventure (moi Original Robot)

The robot designer moi’s original robot Adventure is now a non-scale assembly model kit from Alpha Max! Its parts are combinable and interchangeable with those of Incree, released at the same time. It snaps together, too, so no glue is needed, and it’ll be posable after assembly thanks to 11 points of articulation.


Tamotu Pro

A new edition of the stylish and cute robot TAMOTU arrives as TAMOTU PRO, equipped with expansion units! MARUTTOYS is a world of original robot characters created by up-and-coming model designer MiZ (Kouki Mizuno). TAMOTU is a collaboration between Kotobukiya and MARUTTOYS in which the latest model to join this plastic model kit lineup is the enhanced TAMOTU PRO in two different colors!

Cool White ver.
Midnight Blue ver.

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