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1/100 Z A03 TYPE-K Z Knight by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

1/100 Z A03 TYPE-K Z Knight by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-zknight-review (1)
The Z A03 Type-K is all put together. Let’s take a closer look!

rrobbert184-zknight-review (2)
As usual, all you need is a decent set of plastic nippers to put it together.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (3)
From just the front and back shots, the details really stand out.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (4)

rrobbert184-zknight-review (5)
The arms can bend almost 180°, which is quite unusual for Kotobukiya kits.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (6)
The legs with double joints can also bend a lot, but can’t lift forward all that much due to the waist armor.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (7)
Speaking of the waist, as you can see, a full 360° spin is possible!

rrobbert184-zknight-review (8)
The face and chest armor can open to show part of the inner frame as well as the Metal Heart. It would look better if you give the core a little bit of paint.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (9)
The weapons seem quite simple, but have some nice coloring.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (10)
Boom! He’s ready for business!

rrobbert184-zknight-review (11)
Thanks to the great mobility, a lot of cool poses are instantly available.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (12)
You’d think with just a sword and shield that you might get bored posing, but no, there’s always a new fun pose.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (13)
And it’s not just a sword, as you can go a little 08th MS Team here.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (14)
The sword/rifle can attach to the shield, and the spike at the bottom of the shield can stretch out.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (15)
It’s almost the same height as MG Gundam 2.0, and here you can see the detail really stand out I think.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (16)
Some final thoughts. First impression, this is certainly worth the price! As you may have seen in the unbox, almost all the plates have a metallic flavor to them, which is usually the kind of thing you might see in Bandai exclusives. Of course, that explains the price hike you saw here. However, this is probably the best kit from Kotobukiya I’ve ever built, especially in terms of the mobility and stability. For mobility, the only real problem is the waist armor. Everything else is just perfect. Also, the kit stayed together quite well despite all sorts of poses. Most importantly, just by looking at the posed kit, I think you’ll really feel a sense of achievement. I have to say that Kotobukiya is getting better and better with the quality of their kits, and you can see that paying off here. Should look good on any shelf! Thanks for checking this out, everyone.

rrobbert184-zknight-review (17)
“Which is more important, inner or outer beauty?”

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