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New FF9 Animated Series Announced!

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to the news that a brand new “Final Fantasy 9” animated series was currently in the works! Square Enix is teaming up with a France-based company called Cyber Group Studios to produce this chapter of the Final Fantasy series!

We’re still at the baby stage of production, but it looks like Cyber Group Studios plans to pitch the series to broadcasters soon, so maybe we’ll even see the animated series on television or a streaming service! It also seems like Cyber Group Studios plans to take on the distribution, licensing, and merchandising of the series – I’m looking forward to them going all out with this one!

One thing fans are a little speculative of are the studio’s claims that the series will be targeted at children ages 8 – 13. While it’s fun to introduce a new demographic to the series, many fans are questioning if they’ll be able to enjoy the series. Fans of this game are almost exclusively adults now, so this turn of demographic targeting is definitely something interesting. I personally don’t care. I’ll tune into a kids show no problem. Bring it!

This is especially exciting for me, personally, because – believe it or not – FF9 was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played! I know, some might say I was late to the party or whatever, but this game really captured my heart instantly. Even though I went back and played the other games, and continued to play the other games as they came out, I truly believe that this iteration of the series is still my favourite!

There may be a bit of a wait before we hear more news on this upcoming series, so why not check out our Final Fantasy goodies in the meantime? We’re sure you’ll find something for a FF-fan to love!

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