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Black Getter by Sentinel (Part 2: Review)

Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing, here is the review for Sentinel’s amazing Black Getter toy. For fans of Getter Robo this is a big treat, as toy designers T-Rex have done a thoroughly amazing job here.

It’s clear that the initial release of Getter 1 and Black Getter were hugely popular, as this kind of reissue is rare when it comes to collectible toys. However, I am not complaining as it means that I can finally pick up a lovely Black Getter toy.

Before proceeding, it’s also worth reading my review of the original Getter 1 toy by Sentinel back from when that was originally released. This is because both figures share a lot of the same parts.









As with all T-Rex designed toys, the articulation on this Black Getter toy is incredibly comprehensive. The elbows and knees have extendable joints that allow for a much wider array of poses but also facilitate “closed” type poses as well.

The mantle is worth mentioning, as unlike the Getter 1 the Black Getter mantle is affixed directly under the neck. Like the Getter 1 mantle, this one has wires along the edge allowing for you to shape it as you wish.

The styling is overall very simple and very retro. However, there are some very fine details on the face and around the chest as well as on the joints. The finish is pristine throughout.

It’s difficult to find a fault with this figure; T-Rex has thought of everything and the result is a very nice display piece that be played with quite happily without fear of anyone damaging it.

To commemorate this re-issue, Sentinel has also released a nice figure of Ryoma Nagare himself, so you may also want to check that out.

Overall, this is a superlatively great toy of a fan favorite design. While I have only reviewed the Black Getter here, you should also consider getting the Getter 1 as well. Both are excellent toys and should be essential acquisitions for any self respecting fan of Getter Robo.

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