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Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel (Part 2: Review)

Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing, here is the review of the new Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel. This is a companion figure to the already released Metamor Force Dancouga. It is also to date the first proper toy we have ever had of the design and it is supremely good.

Black Wing is also not a simple design, either. As it transforms, this is the first toy to actively recreate that faithfully from the anime. So for me that was easily worth the price of entry.

It’s a thoroughly lovely figure, though, and Sentinel has done a brilliant job here.









Like the Dancouga before it, the Black Wing uses a lot of diecast and this makes it very sturdy and quite heavy. The talons are also diecast and it definitely adds to the overall feel of the piece.

The styling is very heavily inspired by Masami Obari’s version of the design as seen in the series. This is also in line with the prior Dancouga release by Sentinel.

As such the detailing and sculpt are very fine and display the mechanical musculature of the design very nicely. The extra gold filigree on the head and “beak” of the fighter mode is also a really nice touch.

In terms of the joints and articulation, it’s using the same setup as the Dancouga. Some people had issue with this and Sentinel has been very careful in the instructions on how to handle the figure in this regard. The wings at the rear are also ratcheted and hold their position very well.

The transformation into fighter mode is handled very well and the figure comes with a stand so you can display it in both mecha and fighter modes.

In addition to a variety of hands, there is one especially important piece included, used to connect the fighter to the stand it also doubles up as the docking mechanism with the Dancouga.

The result is the mighty Final Dancouga, which I will cover in more detail in the final part.

Overall, this is a fantastic and very high end toy of a design I never thought I’d ever get to own. Sentinel has done a really good job here and while it may be a little on the expensive side, this Black Wing toy comes thoroughly recommended.

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