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G Gundam vs. Gundam Wing


Submitted By: the13thprince

Here’s a blast from the past.

These Gundams are from the Gundam Wing and G Gundam Series, my first exposure to Gundam and the reason I started with Gunpla.

Both G Gundam and Gundam Wing came out during the 90s and these kits are NO GRADE 1/144 SCALE. The plastic used was sturdy enough and the polycaps made for decent enough articulation. Unfortunately the G Gundam kits having been produced a year before the Gundam Wing Kits have no waist articulation with the exception of the Shining Gundam shown here.

These are all straight build kits so only foil stickers and panel linings were applied. They do come with their trademark accessories though Gundam Maxter and Dragon Gundam did fell short as they are missing a couple accessories. Gundam Maxter did not come with his surf board/shield and Dragon Gundam is missing his spear.

Also note that both Gundam Shenlong and Dragon Gundam can extend their limbs however, limited model tech back in 1994 disabled this feature for the Dragon Gundam. Gundam Wing can also convert into its bird-mode which is a fairly simple transformation and is true to the anime. All of the G-Gundam kits also have detachable core fighters which serve as their back packs.

For starter kits these kits are great considering the amount of articulation and detail they have compared to the FG kits from Gundam Seed and Gundam 00. I highly recommend these kits for the beginners, provided you can still find them today since it’s been 15 years since they were first released.

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  1. I don’t think the “limited model tech of 1994” has anything to do with Dragon Gundam’s extending arms not being replicated in the kit… The problem is that the extensions come out of nowhere – to reproduce that on a model you need a parts swap.

    There is a set of upgrade parts you can buy for the 1:144 G Gundam kits – various items to provide features that were left out of the kits:

    Among other things, it includes a pair of extenders for the Dragon Gundam’s arms. Though to really get the Dragon Gundam effect I think you’d need at least three extenders on an arm…

    As with most Gundam kits, Bandai reissues these kits pretty regularly. Many of them are available on HLJ at present.

  2. umm George it didn’t Gundam has been one of the most realistic mecha anime’s ever except Gundam 00 kick ass yes but some stuff uh no not happening anyway’s i got Gundam Wing and i thought the exact same thing but umm actually if you slow down and watch carfully you’ll notice the extended arm is stored inside the shoulder guard like the arm folds up in the shoulder guard leaving the last 2 parts and hand out it’s actually complicated to explain and imagine but yeah that’s how it works and as for me heh first time was in 2004 it was Gundam Seed that i saw my first Gunpla was the MG 1/100 Qubeley still got it… 6 years later still lovin Gundam and building Gunpla my next target heh well duh the PG 1/60 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam i can’t wait i’m soo excited to get that Gundam

  3. “it didn’t” – what didn’t what?

    In the anime, Dragon Gundam’s arms extend out crazy-long, like those of the Endless Waltz Nataku – extending a hundred meters or more – and like Nataku the extra segments come out of nowhere…

    It sounds like you’re describing Shen Long there, when you talk about the arm segments being stashed up in the shoulder guard.

  4. Actually Virsago works exactly as mentioned above, although the side effect of this method of storage, is that the arms become quite thin, having to fold up into the shoulder guards.


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