Dec 5

Bandai brings us something new and unique with the release of their Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon and his adorable little sister Dorami! Lindsay shows off her mastery of kit making again with a nice clear look at the Figure-rise Mechanics Dorami, while Todd takes a step in time with a look at not only the Doraemon but his Secret Gadget: Time Machine as well! Also, Todd gets the heart of things with a quick update on his progress with the Perfect Grade Exia!

Kits featured in this episode:
Figure-rise Mechanics Dorami
Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon
Figure-rise Mechanics Doraemon’s Secret Gadget: Time Machine
1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model)
1/60 PG Gundam Exia






  1. what a good knight boy

  2. want and need some new kits

  3. The background music was an interesting choice of song

  4. The PG exia looks awesome but I gotta say that makina nakijima bust is where it’s at though fingers crossed i get lucky

  5. Doraemon really brings back memory. The sight of the classical nostalgic time machine combined with sci-fi mechanics just makes me fond of it. Smart choice on Bandai’s part for the added inner details to create fixing scene dioramas. Now we need Nobita’s house or just any rooms.

  6. Pg exia yahoo i can’t wait to get it for my dad for Christmas

  7. Todd is the new syd and Lindsey is the new and more confident version of ryan


    Always great to see more Macross goodness.

    (also the Helmwige does a mean Shovel Knight cosplay, look it up folks)

  9. Nice PG.

  10. I would also like to see a 1/100 version of the reincar.

  11. PG EXIA Repair part do they come complete with Gundam Exia or just the repair part only, just asking? Still wondering what version to buy

  12. Can’t wait to see that PG Exia sometime soon. Also I love the design of the Reincar too, I just wish it DID something.

  13. Super fun episode, love when you both have kits to build, and that Lindsay is there to correct when Todd butchers a name 😀 I am so excited to get my Exia, so much so that I constantly refresh the shipping tracking page.

  14. That PG…

  15. PG exia looks awesome and great episode as alawys

  16. I love Doraemon and I love the show. Can’t believe that Bandai would ever do a model kit of him. Thanks for doing this episode

  17. These Doraemon Kits look so cool, cant wait to get some for myself.

  18. Shovel knight gundam best gundam.

  19. Great show. I love watching Doreamon growing up. I was wondering, if you could use Doreamon sitting butt piece with Doreame so that she can drive the time machine?

  20. I am waiting for the PG Exia review! I hope I could win this time!!!

  21. I love how many professional looking pictures you took for this episode. You should dispense some advice on that!

  22. Would love to win for Xmas 😉

  23. I would love to win those kits. My fav idol from Macross Delta is Makina and I love Valkyrie frames in general. Please RNG god, gimme those kits for Xmas

  24. Huh, that PG Exia has a lot less details than I expected.

  25. Ah, it’s humorous how much hype is put into these perfect grade gundam kits. It’s nice that you guys are covering something else other than gundam kits. I know that the show is intended for gundams for the most part but it’s refreshing to see what other kits you guys offer aside from Gundams. Maybe you can review some of your other kits you carry that might be older like the jets from the anime Yukikase as an example. You might bring new modelers to expand their interest and in turn sell more obscure items in your inventory. Just saying.

  26. Reincar!! May you always build gunplatv!

  27. Wow That BGM is something new, Cant wait for the new upcoming kits next year specially that gundam dantalion perfect cowl

  28. I’m thinking of doing a Bob Ross style painting, but instead of a happy little tree, I’m going to paint a happy little Zaku standing by a lake

  29. Thanks, Todd, for the Joni Mitchell musical reference. Still discombobulated over the lack of dry transfers and/or decals in the PG Exia. Maybe I’m the only one with a problem? Anyhow, great show as always. Cheers.

  30. Great show guys!! keep up de good work. i would like to win does 2 kits:)

  31. I have 41 kits built, including the ones from Kotobukiya, and no Zakus. But I do have some mono-eyes: Gouf R35, HGUC Sinanju, Carta’s Graze Ritter, and NG Grimgerde.

  32. Love the background music added somewhat to the end. Caught me off guard. Thought my phone was playing music while I was watching this week episode.haha

  33. Another prize. Another one I’ll never win.

  34. Hello!

    PG Exia seems to be one awesome kit, if only I could afford those LED’s. Ah well, that’s what the normal version is for. Head is a bit big, but otherwise, it looks like a nice PG kit.

    The Doraemon Figure-Rise mechanics are neat. Simple figures but they make nice display pieces, I hope we get more variety in Figure-Rise in the future, specifically from some anime or tokusatsu.

  35. Not going to win, but will comment anyway.

    PS – Happy Holidays to all.

  36. can’t decide if i want to get the lighting version or regular version for PG exia. guess have to wait for the reviews on this kit

  37. Fun useless facts when Doraemon was aired in Arabic.
    Doraemon was renamed “Aabqoor” a fluff name from the word genius.
    And Nobita was renamed “Aamer” which is just a normal name….

    Never liked that Thing.

  38. I want to see your review of the Exia… also i hope to win this time.

  39. Rng gods give me strength

  40. Doraemon, interesting. PG exia – exia repair, milking the cow = pbandai

  41. What I would give to have the actual Doraemon and the actual time machine…

  42. A fun model, is a good model

  43. Looks like the wiring on this kit is just as tedious as the previous Unicorns.

  44. It’s too bad the lighting Exia is so much more expensive than the other. But then again the led for pg unicorn cost a fair bit without even the model itself

  45. Now that PG Exia is out, what’s up next for the PG line? If they’re going to keep with the whole lighting gimmick the G-self would be perfect, though I’m hoping for a Nu Gundam or possibly Thunderbolt/ Atlas Gundam

  46. PG exia!!!

  47. Last comment probably – Todd dude keep making this show, the only other one I like is “Real World Gunpla” You and Lindsay have increased my purchasing of kits and parts from HLJ.

  48. Exia Lighting ver. looks so good. Can’t wait to get it.

  49. Please pick me RNG

  50. Excited to see the PG Exia!

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