Nov 25

What a weekend! Syd and Ryan hit UDX in Akihabara to check out the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. It was glorious! So much so that Syd went back to Akihabara yesterday just to see the Unicorns that were on display at Yodabashi Camera. And just when our excitement reached its peak we arrived back at work to find a sample kit all our own.

Here are plenty of pictures of the box contents so you can look forward to yours when it hits stores on December 13.

We have a very small area in which to take pictures so Perfect Grades always test our picture-taking ability. Only one manual is included with this kit but it is gorgeous and really gets you pumped. Note that any aspect of the assembly that involves the LEDs is highlighted in red.

Here are the psycho-frame runners!

Next we want to show you the frame runners. There are quite a few and they are made of the lighter plastic Bandai is using now. This could be the lightest PG of them all!

White armour everywhere (with some blue thrown in).

Here are the weapons runners. To recap, you get two Beam Gatlings, a Hyper Bazooka, a shield, and a Beam Rifle.

Beam Sabre blades, the fantastic Perfect Grade hands, stickers, and the base which can control the LEDs!

We didn’t get any sample LEDs but we will show them for sure once they arrive here.

Hope everyone enjoys seeing this even if it’s half as much as we are enjoying having it in our hands.


  1. Looking forward to your live build of this =D

  2. Nice, I still want a PG sinanju, I’m looking at you Bandai!!!

  3. oh or a RG sinanju, that would be awesome!!!!!!

  4. It’s a sea of white and awesomeness

  5. no live stream build?

  6. Any word on what size batteries will be needed for the LED’s?

  7. WOW!!! You know that you guys have made it when Bandai lets you have an early sample of a much-awaited kit like that! =) Kudos!

    Kinda wish you guys had a live unboxing video though… still, it’s all good

  8. Awesome!

  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I take it this one will get a prominent spot in the HLJ display cabinet.
    Don’t know if I’m pleased with the V-fin already colored in gold on one side. Will it be possible to mask it easily, well, have to wait and find out.
    I wish the one at the staff of HLJ that’s going to build it lots of fun (Syd…?) Enjoy

  10. very cool ..i was just inspired to buy the pg strike freedom

  11. Excited to get this in my hands. But there are a couple of things I need to do before I start to tackle that.

    One thing that disappoints me. Why did they (Bandai) go with the Destroy color for the psycho frame instead of the Awakened color? I know red is all cool and stuff but I like the Awakened mode better, not because it’s the true final form but it just looks better for some reason.

    This kinda raises these questions: Will Bandai release another PG Unicorn with the Awakened colors? If not, will there be a chance that they will release the Awakened color runners as a separate product?

    • I’m 100 percent with you on that one. I also like the green better. The chance is great Bandai will release separate runners for it. As we know, they’re great on maaking money on the same mold over and over again. Just hope, in my case, they sell the runners and not as a complete kit, as I ordered one already… Or a third party will release them. There is even a option of making negative casts of the runners and cast them in any color you like. Some people did this for the green effect parts on the Sazabi, as they are originally yellow.

    • Samuel is already probing the market for the after market green/clear PG Unicorn psychoframe recast.

  12. Are you guys also going to start shipping on 13? or earlier?

  13. Can’t wait to see the build!

  14. The pilot figures are detachable, PG Banshee is coming.

  15. I cant wait to get MINE~! but before that… dont know if there will be a hip issue or weight issue with the build. Please do find out and advise. Thanks.

  16. Sooooo excited. Can’t wait. Just a few more weeks. The silver foil stickers are probably to reflect light from the LEDs and help diffuse it to get a more consistent glow. Just a guess.
    Looking forward to seeing the build and more! Thanks!

  17. I built the MG ver.Ka model and when I see these parts in comparison to your hands, they look humongous! Also, that stand! xD

  18. @Syd one thing I want to ask..I thought the decals is somewhat special..did it differs from the RG stickers?

  19. It looks amazing. But i need more experience before tackling a PG. Only built the MG sazabi and have the Hi Nu on order.

    But i will be getting this one in the future.

  20. can anyone answer about the PG Unicorn’s head. how is it transform? Does it transform like anime or like the MG series?

    • it’ll as same as the MG

    • It will transform like in the anime. The side plates are attached to a jointed arm and a ball joint. The jointed arm will allow you to pull the sides away from the head and the ball will allow you to spin the plates 180° and then close to complete the head transformation.

  21. just pure awsomenesssss… >_<)/

  22. Man I Love the Unicorn, this looks awesome

  23. Hey Syd,
    I can’t wait to see this fully built or your video of its live stream.
    This kit is really gonna make my holiday complete.
    Any suggestions for paints to use on this kit?
    Thanks for the video as always.
    – Kelvin

    • I think it would look AMAZING in a pearl white. To kind of give it that effect like beams are deflecting off of its I field.

  24. man that looks sweet 😀

  25. When building it, before the actual release date, don’t break anything like you did with the RG Strike Freedom when you got it before its release date. Or else you’ll need a Mega Size Facepalm Gundam.

  26. Thank you very much for the unboxing video!!! =) You guys made my day! Honto! Hahaha! Ryan, it’s a BIIIIIGGG kit! XD

  27. Syd, will you review this kit on gaijin gunpla?

  28. Must have this i will pay for both just to have an awesome looking kit that i put time in and it could also act as a night light too.

  29. Looks nice – maybe they’ll do a PG Banshee or Sinanju next, unless they decide to promote the ‘Gundam The Origin’ movies next year. I’m feeling a Universal Century 2015 coming up – Sieg Zeon!

  30. Hi, I’m curious to know assuming I buy the kit and assemble it without the LED, wouldn’t it be extremely challenging to wire up the kit with the LED later on?

    • The LED kit will actually come with a parts separator, and from the looks of the manual scans above, there will be separate pieces that will house the actual LEDs on some of the armor parts. (i.e. the skirt armor).

  31. This will be great! Good luck Syd. One question, I saw a full armor version of the PG Unicorn, will this be sold at

    Thanks and keep it up!

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