Nov 26

(Recap Part 1 here!)

Part 2 of the Unicorn build is here! After a brief introduction of the included base, Syd shows you how to build the torso for the PG Unicorn and demonstrates concealing and revealing the red psychoframe.



  1. Nice guys !! Keep going !!!

  2. hi Syd, in your opinion, will it still be possible to install the LED unit even after the assembly of the mobile suit itself? This is because some builders might want to save money for now and get the LED unit at a later date.
    BTW, more power and don’t get tired of showcasing PLAMO 🙂

    • Looking at the build so far, I seriously doubt you could add on the LEDs later.

      • The LED kit comes with a parts separator, and there are scans of the manual that show additional parts to house the LEDs on some of the skirt armor. Since a lot of the inner frame pieces have groves and hollows for the wires, it would be safe to assume that adding the LEDs AFTER the fact is feasible, albeit somewhat difficult and time consuming. But Syd does go on to say in one of videos that they will show the LEDs when they get more in.

        • hopefully they come with batteries for the price. Because the price for batteries for the regular led’s are not cheap

  3. Yes!!!!!!! A build video!
    Planning to paint this one too, and seeing it being build, helps me to understand and see where to sand some area’s so it’ll slide and move as it’s supposed to. And gives me an idea where to attach the parts on the cocktail sticks in order to get as much as coverage as possible.
    Two quick question for you my dear @Syd;
    -1, So the all the parts are made of the new PS that holds the paint better so no primer is required (as the newer MG’s have for the inner frame)?
    -2, I take it the Psycho Frame isn’t made of resin, as you thought it was when translating the flyer a few episodes back?
    Hope you’ll indulge me/us in answering these questions. Thanks a bunch in advance. Enjoy the rest of the build

  4. OMG!! This kit is already looking epic and thanks you guys we can already have a look at the PG unicorn before the released date!! Although i have to say that the design of this kit its very solid looking…. Can’t wait to see the full completed kit! thanks guys keep up with the good work! 🙂

  5. How stable is it so far? The mg was not the best kit in that regard.

    • If you check out the leg build as well as in this video, Syd explains that there is a runner similar to the polycaps that are more solid and are used to “lock” in parts. This means there will be tighter fits and less weight issues over time since it is a combination of the rubbery plastic polycaps and the harder materials. Especially since the Full Armor add on was announced virtually at the same time, Bandai may have designed this kit to handle a lot of weight, while mainting its light frame, rigidity to support it’s poses and flexibility to prevent stress breaks and bends in the plastic. But of course I could be wrong. ^___^ just my two cents.

  6. I dislike the unicorn but i must admit thats a sexy looking chest

  7. Glorious.

  8. Should this be my first PG? Haven’t seen the anime yet though. All the links to the P.G. Unicorn on HLJ say preorder but when you click on one and go to the page it says order stop! What’s going on HLJ?! I though you guys just put it back up for preorder and said on a current Gunpla TV you could get enough?

    • I can’t recommend this PG to you yet, as I haven’t build it yet, but almost all PG’s are awesome.
      And I’d strongly recommend watching the OVA’s. They’re great.
      The pre-order was cancelled once due to too much orders. Bandai gave HLJ the green light for a few more orders. It took a few days before these where also spoken for. As it might be possible that Bandai will give HLJ some more orders to fill in, they’ll keep that link open, as it can change by the minute that the PG Unicorn is open again for pre-orders

  9. Love it!!, but i think by what i can see the LEDs are going to be tough

  10. Great PG. Thanks for detailed information.

  11. I cant wait for mine, hopefully, they made it so you can add the LED’s afterwards, but if not. its fine..

    Great looking chest piece

  12. Awesome! I’ve never built a MG Unicorn, so the PG should be quite an adventure. One of my favorite thing about gunpla is seeing the engineering and building the joints and moving parts. Can’t wait to experience this beast.
    Love the build videos. Keep ’em coming. Thank you!


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