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Stop Motion: GM vs Zaku

Submitted By: Deikun

Hello everyone, my name is Eric Chen and my youtube account name is Ziljin. This is a stop motion video of GM vs a Zaku I. Both are HGUC 1/144 models. I wanted to try out a new laser technique, which is why the Zaku machine gun shoots lasers. With some lego terrain in the background. Sound effects were created by me to avoid any copyright infringement.

Here is some of the techniques I used.

  • I used the supernova effect in GIMP 2.0 to create a charging laser effect.
  • I used a beam saber closer to the camera then farther from the camera to give the illusion it is dissipating.
  • I used a flashlight to create lighting effects for the GM’s boosters.
  • I used some tissue paper to create the explosion effect.

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  1. I like the trick with the forced-perspective beam sabers to get the “dissipating” blast. Watching the video, the beam shots were one of the things that stuck out in my mind as looking really fluid…

  2. Cool your posting some of your stuff on here too.


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