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MG Strike Freedom


Submitted By: jhez haptism

Hey guys!

Iust want to show you my latest custom model, sorry for bad paintings and bad details.. but don’t worry i’ll buy a new model so that i can make a prefect custom. Speaking of perfect  i just copied the gimmik of the wings of perfect grade Strike freedom. Well not bad at all.. i painted his inner frame a shinny 18Karat gold then paint with metalic gold on its dragoons and some parts of wings, i also paint the tip of dragoons, rail guns and truster of the rail guns, gold in the ankle guard, truster like on knee armor, under the arm shield, truster on the shoulder, and inside of its shoulder armor.

I also copy the gimmik of the unicorn gundam, the splitting of the armor.. just on shoulders just to reveal a gold inner frame.. just like on pg.. next time i make a perfect paint for my mg strike freedom.. well its look like a pg.. because of its gold paints.. and pg gimmicks even its a normal mg strike freedom.. i can turn it into “full burst mode”.. yeah..

And I am thanking hobby link for their tips and what tools needed on making a gunpla.. a big thanks when they launch the episode when syd paint his shinanju.. i learn so much on that episode.. to staff of gunpla TV, Great job..
on the next time i make a perfect paint for my mg strike freedom..

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  1. Nice gimmick


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