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Happy Little Robots – Volume 2 – RG GP01 Completing the Frame

He’s not mean, he’s just drawn that way.

Welcome again everyone to the conclusion of our work with the RG GP01 on another volume of Happy Little Robots.

Happy Little Robots Frame Detail Tutorial
Part 1 2

If you recall from the first volume we added some chrome, gun metal, and gold highlights to the inner frame.

Today we’re going to be adding in some red for the pistons and feet.

Using the same techniques as before, the pieces have been spray painted black first.

Then they have been drybrushed Metallic Red with our handy dandy GodHand drybrush.

We carry this on to the feet, so they look more worn as opposed to the bright red out of box plastic.

I have also added chrome and gold accents to the bottom of the foot, for added detail separation.

If you don’t have a specialty drybrush, I recommend using an older brush for this technique as we do put the bristles through some abuse.

Now that we see all of the colors come together, the frame really looks fantastic. 

I have the armor painted in two different shades of white, taking advantage of the RG GP01’s parts separation.

With markings and top coat applied it’s immediately obvious how much extra detail there is in the inner frame. 

As I mentioned in Volume 1, pick a theme/color palette and stick with it through the whole kit.

And here we have our first completed Happy Little Robot, the RG GP01 Zephyranthes!

Now that you’ve got a few more tricks under your belt, why not pop over to www.hlj.com and test them out on a kit from their huge selection?

From all of us here at hobbylink.tv I want to wish you happy painting, and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Happy Little Robots Frame Detail Tutorial
Part 1 2

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Retired Canadian Air Force and recent Durham College Advanced Marketing Diploma graduate. Building and painting model kits for nearly 20 years, some of my first introductions to the hobby were with Gundam models. Now with this opportunity from HobbyLink Japan, I can share that passion with all of you, and help you create your own Happy Little Robots.


  1. Great guide!

    • Thank you very much! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

  2. Hoboy, it aint easy painting a Gunpla kit, much less an RG. Well done.

    • Thanks very much! I swear some of the parts and stickers for RG kits are microscopic haha


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