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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 37 – A Look at the Real Grade Line

In this episode:
– 1/144 RG GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam
– 1/144 RG RX-78-2 Gundam
– 1/144 RG MS-06S Zaku II Char Aznable Custom

We enjoyed having a week off at the end of May but missing a week of work means we have lots to catch up on. Be that as it may we still wanted to show everyone who watches Gunpla TV just how great Bandai’s newest Real Grade kit is.  So we made this short video for you. But that’s not all.  We’ve also included a bunch of pictures showing how it is assembled! At the end of the video we speculate about what the next RG kit will be. Well, of course we know it’s going to be the MS-06 Zaku II, but, really, does a recolor count as different kit? Other than a green Zaku, what do you think Bandai has up its sleeve?

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  1. thanks for the review!
    i was considering collecting RG too

  2. I think the RG Aile Strike as #3 was a surprise to many people. Seeing as Bandai is on a Gundam Wing kick this year, it’s possible that we could see a RG Wing Zero as #05. If not Wing Zero, I’d say Zeta is a likely second possibility.

  3. Don’t forget there actually is a HG Gundam that’s as detailed as the RG: the G30th version, which came out a year before the RG and shares the same design.

    I think a RG Gundam Mk.II would be a great release, especially if they actually stick to the original, bulky design for the legs for once. (They haven’t done that even once since the first MG version back in… 1997, I think?) It’s not an especially gimmicky design but it looks cool and it looks tough.

    I also would not object to various re-pops of the RG Gundam or RG Zaku: for instance a RG Full Armor Gundam, or RG Desert Zaku would be fabulous.

    Well, it was a fun little retrospective. I’m looking forward to the green RG Zaku when it comes out (hoping to pick one up in the dealer’s room at Otakon… hopefully someone will have the kit there.) – though no piece of upcoming kit news this year has been so exciting as Hasegawa’s upcoming VF-11B Thunderbolt…

    Is there going to be some HLJ video coverage of Shizuoka? Of course most of the news is already out there but it’s nice to get more comprehensive coverage and commentary. Like is that tiny little UCHG Lakota really going to cost 4700 yen?

  4. Cant wait till next RG (other than green zaku) will come up!! BTW, does anybody knows what it will be?

  5. They have expanded on the UC line with Gundam and Zaku IIs. And soon, the regular green Zaku II. I like the idea of having Gundam’s main rival the Zaku IIs, and I was hoping the Strike’s counterpart would be something like Aegis Gundam.

    If it’s from the SEED universe, I’m betting on Aegis, Impulse Gundam as the counterpart.
    Or it could be Freedom…

    Outside of the SEED line, I think it could be RX-178 Gundam MKII (AEUG ver).

  6. i wish they would do an RG of either an S Gundam, ExS, ExS Deepstriker, Nu, Hi Nu, Zeta, Unicorn, Sazabi, or Sinanju next. Anything classic from UC would be awesome. I think all of them are unlikely. I have a feeling it will be a none UC antagonist suit.

  7. Personally I’m hoping for GP01FB seeing that its 0083’s 20th anniversary this year (Since we’re probably not getting a MG GP01FB 2.0 from the look of things :P)

    But I’m honestly fine with whatever they’ll release after the Zaku, I like the RG line in general and lots of mobile suits too so I don’t really mind what they’re going to release next but GP01FB is nice XD

  8. They’ve already announced RG #4. It’s the Green Zaku II, due out in July. You can even pre-order it on the HLJ website!

  9. Just got both the RG Char Zaku II and the RG Aile Strike in the mail today! Once I’m done putting it together, I shall showcase it for everyone to see!

    I wonder what is next after the Green Zaku II… something tells me it might be Zeta or maybe Aegis to go with Aile Strike. Hmmm…

    Great job once again with the video.

  10. I’d love it to be Zeta next, but that probably not going to happen, for the same reason as Aegis won’t. They transform, and as good as the RG inner frame currently is, it’s not /THAT/ good yet.

    It is possible they could do it with parts swapping like the HG versions tho. But for now it’s more likely they’ll stick to non-transforming suits in the RG line.

  11. Great review~!
    Great delivery~!
    RG aile strike Box Perfectly unspoiled!

    Thanks so much HLJ!

  12. Oh man…after I clumsily broke a few pieces of my RG RX-782, and with all it’s problem parts, the shoulder keep on falling out, and the front skirt keep on popping out too (seem like a universal problem that) I swear I would never get another RG kit…but damn this is too tempting!!

    They seem to have fixed the shoulder and front skirt problem…and damn does the Aile more menacing and awesome…grr…the dilemmas…

  13. Great review!!! 🙂 hopefully i will be able to start building mine too 🙂

  14. Well it seems like both of my guesses above for RG05 were wrong (Wing or Zeta above). RG Freedom Gundam was announced and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Bandai is really going all out with the RG line.

  15. Since Bandai is going all out in RG series.I really hope they will be a Aegis Gundam release for RG series,well its gonna be awsome with the Strike gundam togather both main characters in RG series don’t ya think so?

  16. i think its gonna be one of the wing gundam series..

  17. cool


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