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Happy Little Robots – Volume 1 – RG GP01 Inner Frame Detail Up!

Why let all that detail go to waste?

Picture this scenario: you’ve just purchased the 1/144 Real Grade GP01 and when you open the box something seems… off.

Happy Little Robots Frame Detail Tutorial
Part 1 2

It never bothered you before, but seeing that beautifully detailed frame in one boring grey just doesn’t cut it.

You need something more. You want to build like the pros. But you don’t know where to start.

In today’s episode I’m going to show you how, using a few tricks, anyone can step up their out-of-the box builds and start filling their shelves with some Happy Little Robots. 


The first step is to identify in the manual where the frame pieces are located.

Confirm whether they are going to show through the armor, and then it’s good to pick a color theme.

I typically choose a combination of gun metal, chrome, and gold for the internal support structures. Then red for the pistons and thruster interiors.

You don’t have to choose these exact colors, but you should take this time to organize and grab the brushes you need.

Pretentious name? Maybe. Results? Definitely.

Paint Techniques

For the inner frame I like to use a technique called dry brushing, and for that it really doesn’t get any better than this dry brush from GodHand.

For a long time I laughed at the brand name but now… now I’m considering buying their clippers, too.

Note: These frame runners have been spray painted black

Dry-brushing involves getting as much paint as possible off of the brush, by wiping it on the container and then again on a clean, dry paper towel or rag. 

Then gently move the brush back and forth. This ensures that the surface of the part gets minimal paint, and the recessed areas remain black. 

I have also attached the parts to the frame, to give more area to hold while painting

For contrast, the retaining rings have been painted with a chrome silver with the interior in a gold.


You can see the way the colors compliment each other, and contribute to looking more like a true-to-life machine. Warships and aircraft are made of different metals, and emulating that is an easy way to add realism to your kits.

Be sure to check out hlj.com if you want to pick up the RG GP01 for yourself, and follow along with Part 2 where we introduce the red, and begin assembly.

Don’t forget to grab this fantastic dry brush from GodHand while you’re there, you’ll be convinced of the quality immediately!

From all of us here at hobbylink.tv, I want to wish you happy painting. And remember to wash your hands!

Happy Little Robots Frame Detail Tutorial
Part 1 2

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Retired Canadian Air Force and recent Durham College Advanced Marketing Diploma graduate. Building and painting model kits for nearly 20 years, some of my first introductions to the hobby were with Gundam models. Now with this opportunity from HobbyLink Japan, I can share that passion with all of you, and help you create your own Happy Little Robots.


  1. Happy Little Robots, nice title. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks very much, glad you liked it!

  2. Excellent work, very, very detail oriented!

    • Thank you very much my friend 🙂


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