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Hasegawa 1/100 Myzr Delta Model Kit Review

There are times when I look at a model kit I have just purchased and thought “This might be out of my league…” And this is probably one of those situation.

1/100 YZR-8000 MYZR-DELTA by Hasegawa available from HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com

Hasegawa entered a rather interesting collaboration with Kotobukiya a few years ago to share between them the license to produce model kits based on SEGA’s Arcade game series “Cyber Trooper: Virtual-On”. While Kotobukiya focused on the blocky and more traditional mecha designs from the first 2 games “Virtual-On” and “Virtual-On: Oratario Tangram”, Hasegawa focused on the later 2 games “Virtual-On: “Marz” and “Virtual-ON 4: FORCE”, with much more complex and madness in the mecha design.

And it is from the latter group where the 1/100 Myzr Delta comes from.

Myzr Delta - 01

A bold and ambitious undertaking was made by Hasegawa in making this kit. New material, greater part separation, transformation gimmicks, etc etc. The end result is spectacular. And mad. To illustrate. Here are the steps for the torso:

Myzr Delta - 02
Myzr Delta - 03
Myzr Delta - 04
Myzr Delta - 05
Myzr Delta - 06

…. and…… we are not done yet!

Myzr Delta - 07
Myzr Delta - 08
Myzr Delta - 09
Myzr Delta - 10

…. You probably get the picture by now. This level of detail and delicate construction continues onto the legs, arms, even down to the head and ankles. While the part separation has indeed been improved on since the early Hasegawa “Virtual-On” series model kits, some colours are still missing, namely all the Cyan Blue, a fair amount of white and dark purple details. Glue is a definite must if you wish any parts to stay together.

The end result, however, speak for itself:

Myzr Delta - 11
Myzr Delta - 12

With spikes and sharp points protrude from every angle, Myzr Delta still retains a very slim and agile body, greatly emphasizing its fragile nature in game. Articulation is pretty minimal. shoulder, head and legs movement are reasonable, 90+degree bend on both elbow and knees, and slight ankle tilts. What IS hampering the pose though, is just how delicate all the parts are, so a stand is a definite must when displaying it.

Details are everwhere, from head…
Myzl Delta - 13
Myzr Delta - 14
… to toe.

With its multi-purpose beam rifle/sword hybrid, the Multi Launcher REVENANT 3 Ver.2.24 on hand. Myzr Delta is complete.
Myzr Delta - 15

So, what else can Myzr Delta do? Well, remember those transformation joints I talked about? Well, Myzr Delta has a flight mode, called “Mortor Thrasher”
Myzr Delta - 16
Myzr Delta - 17
Of course, it is not perfect by any means. There are a fair bit of part forming and part swapping, all to achieve the ridiculously complicated and insane transformation shown on the arcade machine screen. But the most glaring fault is that you can’t really put it on a shelf. In flight mode there are still many delicate parts sticking both at the top and bottom, and there are no landing gears to support it, nor is the kit designed with a flight stand in mind. As a result, it’s risky putting it on the shelf, but all the spike also means that holding it in hand is a bit liket holding a hedgehog….
Myzr Delta - 18
Myzr Delta - 19

But overall, what do I think about this kit. Well, despite the flaws, I would say that I would definitely want to build this kit again. Sure, it is fragile, it is not very poseable, you risk drawing blood everytime you want to mess with it. But its design, its shelf presence is unlike anything else. The engineering behind this kit is mind-boggling, and the experience of tackling the build alone is already worth the price tag it asked for.

Myzr Delta - 19
Myzr Delta - 20
Myzr Delta - 21
Myzr Delta - 22
Myzr Delta - 23

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  1. Thanks for the review. Now I know that I should hold off a bit and get better at modeling and painting before picking up this kit.

  2. All hasegawa kits are this way, lots of painting and gluing, usualy tons of decals, fragile, limited movement, and not meant to be moved (they are model kits and not toys after all) but once you finish them, they look gorgeous!


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