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Shin Getter 1 by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Shin Getter 1 from HobbyLink Japan
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Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (1)

Shin Getter-1 is now all put together in his massive glory! Let’s enjoy the show!

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (2)
All you need is a good pair of plastic nippers to put it together.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (3)
Front, side and back shots. Great colors all over the place, and a good use of clear parts. And check out the wingspan!

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (6)
The prepainted head and chest look pretty cool thanks to all the effect parts nearby.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (7)
The elbow can bend 90°.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (8)
Sadly, this is how much the legs can bend.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (9)
But the wings at the back can unfurl nicely.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (10)
For extras, he’s got a huge tomahawk and a few optional hands, with an optional belly part for Getter Beam.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (11)
Armed up, this is the kind of pose you can get.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (12)
But he looks even cooler, perhaps menacing, unarmed.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (13)
Getter Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (14)
For height, he’s as tall as Master Grade Gundam 2.0, but a lot beefier.

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (15)
Some final thoughts. First of all, I’m very happy with the sculpt for this Shin Getter-1 from Kotobukiya. The colors look great, so you can just build it and just put it on your shelf without too much problem. Of course, if you want to make it look cooler, something simple you can do is just give all the silver and gold parts a proper spray, and get a metallic green marker, or even metallic green tape for lining. As the first product of the line, the problem that stands out is the mobility. The knees can actually move pretty well, but due to the design of the legs, overall there’s not much movement to be had. The design of the torso also makes it difficult to join the upper and lower body together. So for me at least, I’m quite happy with a few of the cool poses and let it catch eyes on my shelf. The second super robot, Mazin Kaiser is coming soon. Let’s see how the line progresses. Thanks for checking this out!

Rrobbert184-Getter-1 Review (16)
“You’ll master Getter Beam when you grow up, my son!”

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