Oct 30

Gunpla TV reaches episode 250 which means we are a quarter of the way to 1000! With no new Gunpla kits arriving this week Todd and Lindsay take a look at some new kits that just came out by Aoshima instead! From the hit anime series “Full Metal Panic” come two new kits of the Armslave Gernsback. Todd also reverses things up with a close up look at the new Reversible Gundam!

Items featured in this episode:
1/48 Armslave Gernsback M9 Ver.1.5 Melissa Mao
1/48 Armslave Gernsback M9 Ver.1.5
1/144 HGBF Reversible Gundam



  1. I love how the Reversible Gundam looks! Really menacing with those “tentacle” arms. I’d probably repaint it though.

  2. It’s an transformable HG, so I was expecting those spaghetti legs on the Canon moded, but still it’s a bit sad to see him slowly fall. Well, I guess it’s time to bring up the nail polisher.

  3. nice to se other companies trying to compete with bandai

  4. I have to appreciate Build Fighters for bringing out some wild and unique ideas from Bandai’s designers.

  5. Sometimes I wonder how the zeon suits are named. They all have wacky names.

  6. I would like the waffle…umm i mean the waff origin.

  7. I love Gunpla Tv, just a good place to hangout and learn about new kits. Soon we will be at ep. 500.

  8. Waff we’re those people in the late 70’s thinking when naming the Zeong suits? I bet they were Goufing around. Who in Gogg’s name decided to name a suit a Zock? or a Zaku? Srsly Gelgoog these names, they’re Gyan-bearable. Honestly, the only name that made sense in the first series was Ball.

  9. Can’t say I like the other “modes” of the Reversible Gundam, but I sure like how much it looks like a Banpresto style mech with the black trim and armor shape.

  10. The gernsback and the old MG Patlabor Ingram 1 are at the 1 /48 scale, right?

  11. Waff in the world!?

  12. I’m in a full metal panic about the waff!

  13. Zaku can take all these Zeong pun names Waffing Ball the way to the bank.

    Arm Slaves are much smaller than Mobile Suits, which in turn are much smaller than ‘Pacific Rim’s’ Jaegers.

  14. YAAAASSSS Please review the Gernsbacks!! Loved the shows and the designs can’t wait for next week!

  15. Now with the 4th season on the way I would like to see more FMP kits on Gunpla TV. Bandai is going to release a metal build version of Arbalest, hope we’ll get a model kit also.

  16. Hope we can see some new MG 00 kits for the anniversary instead of just BF variants…

  17. Can’t say i’m a fan of the transforming reversible gundam but in gundam form its beautiful

  18. That transformation looks like it came straight out of a David Cronenberg film

  19. Another episode is more joy!

    The FMP kits have some really nice designs, I really wanted to see the kits on this show because i’m very curious about them. Nice hearing they’re snap fit, and the pins seem interesting, so i’m excited for more information on them!

    Reversible is nice, based off an already nice kit, this one just adds more uniqueness and more elegance as well as more interesting transformations, a simple change but a nice welcome one!

    Everyone mistakes the FG’s for the vintage NG’s of the 80’s, it drives me nuts!

  20. Wow those Gernsback looks cool, make me want to play Super Robot War J over again.

  21. When are we going to get more 00 MG’s?!?

  22. That Gernsback looks awesome. Any news if the Laevatein coming out?

    b0ss pls gimme dat waff

  23. Well, here’s yet another kit Bandai put together just to make an easy buck!(yen). The reversible Gundam is just ridiculous! But I digress. Those Armslaves look pretty cool though. Hey Todd, how about letting Lindsay put some kits together and stop hoarding the kits for yourself. It almost seems like you guys put Lindsay there just to fill space. I’m sure she would like to put some of those kits together. If she’s not that experienced, that’s alright she can at least show the viewers that might be new to the hobby that they are not the only ones just starting out but might be motivated to start out on the hobby by seeing someone new tackling a kit that’s from the company. Anyway, hope I win that kit.lol

  24. waiting for full metal panic new season!!

  25. Nice mix of kits this time. These shows are just so much fun to watch. Glad you guys feel better…don’t work too hard!

  26. Hey, Bandai! Make a 2.0 of the RX-78 GP01 Master Grade!

  27. Oooooooh, Gernsbacks. Me likey!

  28. Oh man, i can’t wait to get a hold of those FMP kits! I love that anime!

  29. Waff – will i win it or not? 😛

  30. I’m so excited for the new season of Full metal panic. It’s a great series not many know about. To have some kits of the mechas is the icing on top! Can’t wait to see your build and review of the armslave, and can’t wait for the Arbalest release in Nov!!
    Even if my backlog is huge, Arbalest is a must! 🙂

  31. Love the origin kits. Keep up the good work on the show guys (and gals).

  32. Great show !

  33. Great episode guys… I’m planning to buy this on my next order.

  34. I have good memories of Full Metal Panic. It was a good show! And good looking mechas.
    Now give me my Waff!! Pleeeease!!!

  35. Ah, 250 episodes. I still remember the 1st and have been watching since. I will never forget Syd’s introduction to Gunpla and the original opening.

    Also, can’t wait for the new season of Full Metal Panic. I waited YEARS for it!

    (Fun fact: there is a sequel to the series that takes place 10 years after the events of the original. If Lindsay has time, she should look it up. Maybe get a bit of the nostalgia feels and feel like a teenager again XD)

  36. NOTICE ME GUNPLA! great show guys love it keep it going

  37. Here’s to hoping to obtain the WAFF.

  38. Lindsay should build the other kit since she is the one who knows more about the series than Todd.


  40. The Hg reversable gundam looks nice for a HG, in my opinion. But it is still not my type of mobile suit. Also will you guys be making a haloween style episode?

  41. Reversible Gundam looks great, but it isn’t my style

  42. Well i think the tank mode is ridiculous but i do like the cannon mode, though i was also a fan of the Reborns gundam so thats no surprise. Great show guys cant wait for 300.

  43. Those Full Metal Panic kits look interesting..can’t wait too see one of them built!

  44. There is a serious need for more MG Origin kits

  45. I got the Aoshima full metal panic model kits. can’t wait to get it and see a review on that.

  46. Hey, Congrats on your 250th show!
    Love the show. Keep it coming.

  47. Congrats on the 250th show! I am not a fan of the reversible gundam. I know it comes from Build Fighters but it looks more like a cheap transformer than a gundam model kit.

  48. never seen FMP but know i really want to that mech design is great

  49. So hyped for FMP season 4!

  50. 250 already!?

  51. Conggrats on the aniversary!

    Is it just me or do the yellow parts on the reversible gundam look like unpainted resin 😀 I hope you do more hexagear kits!


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