May 8

It’s Golden Week here in Japan which means we get days off (yay!) scattered all over the place (boo!) While we love days off here (doesn’t everyone?) it has lead us to feel slightly behind the last couple of weeks. Even so we found time to jump in front of the camera and talk about the RG Exia! For this special kit we are going to look into the construction of various areas rather than an overall view of the finished product.

1-144 RG GN-001 Gundam ExiaX 02-2

Kits featured in this video:

RG GN-001 Gundam Exia

Be sure to check out the other kits in the awesome Real Grade line here.


Gunpla TV


  1. Woot! Wonderful episodes! 😀

  2. Nice episode, well about someones question for bandai’s big release for an mg kit this year, i was hoping for mg 00 series or an mg for knight gundam.

  3. wow! rg and mg giveaway. hope i win this time.

  4. Gotta love Exia’s slick design tho!

  5. So what are the chances of you guys giving away a hguc neo zeong wheb its released?

  6. wow! I wish I can win this one!

  7. cannot wait for the finished RG exia. Are you going to put decal or sticker on it?
    I’m waiting for the announcement from bandai of RG 00 raiser to be released.

  8. great RG Exia!

    woah! a RG and a MG! roll number 1

  9. RG and MG Time!! let’s go.

  10. Interesting inner frame work for the RG Exia, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  11. Nick said on May 8, 2014

    Great episode guys, I reckon we’ll see a Jegan and a Jesta Cannon at Shizuoka as the Jesta has always been made for a cannon due to it’s frame and Jegan to keep up the (seemingly) July/December CCA release schedule.

    As for the “big MG” I think that Bandai may go for a new 3.0 kit or maybe a 2.0/Ver.Ka of one of the earlier MGs eg. GP01, GP02, ZZ.

  12. great episode! rg and mg giveaway. hope i win this time. love Exia’s slick design,cannot wait for the finished RG exia.

  13. Love the episode, good on you guys, can’t wait to see more of the exia… BTW, you both are big guns, keep it up 🙂

  14. Alden said on May 8, 2014

    nice a rg and and mg for give away haha, hobbylinks is the really place to be hahaha

  15. finally the rg exia

  16. that exia is awesome

  17. Love the RG EXIA, can’t wait to see it finish <3

  18. Always wanted to get an exia after building the 00 raiser, but I heard bad things about the MG. Hope the RG won’t disappoint me when it comes in the mail.

  19. Best give away yet. And awesome show.

  20. man, I’m really excited for this kit, great episode guys!

  21. K41x said on May 8, 2014

    Liking the frame of the Exia a lot, just finished my Ailestrike-G RG after 4 hours each day for the past 4 days, solid effort guys!

    Also, the give away forced me to make an account, too good to pass up.

  22. cool rg exia looks nice hope they do a rg OO would go for one of those for sure.

  23. rg exia looks nice hope they do a rg OO and a Rg 0 raiser I would put that on my list.

  24. Can’t wait for my Exia! What an awesome giveaway as well

  25. Mike said on May 8, 2014

    Great tips for building RG Excia. I’m currently building a NG 1/144 Heavyarms. The giveaways would make a great addition to my meager collection. Thanks guys!

  26. Seeing as Exia is one of my favorite suits of all time (It’s the name of all my electronic gear ie. computer, camera etc AND my death metal band) I really wanted this kit, and seeing this episode and how cool the frame was I went ahead and ordered it! My first RG! Cant wait!

  27. Great episode yet again! On the topic of ‘Most anticipated MG’, I ask you, Syd and Ryan, what is the MG you personally look forward to, or want released the most? I, for one, hope Bandai releases a Tallgeese III… someday.

    -Star Shatterer

  28. That Exia though!

  29. Great episode. Will you review any HG kits from the Unicorn line or other HGs by any chance?? I feel like they get less love! I am only kidding. I’d love to see a built HG full armor Unicorn destroy mode or skull gundam mao on gunpla TV.

  30. fingers crossed for the MG 00

  31. Ryan,
    I know a lot of folks were complaining once the first reviews of the RG Exia came out and some of it’s limited articulation but do you think the articulation at all limits your posing options?

  32. awesome as usual guys, cant wait to see the finished rg exia. just got mine this morning, thanks for the tips on building the rg kit ryan, will start mine pretty soon.

  33. Great episode once again! the RG Exia sure looks great cant wait to get mine

  34. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn whoever wins this week will have earned my envy for the rest of the year 😀
    And RG Exia became my N1 RG and prbly will stay that way ,unless they release a RG 00-Raiser/7-Sword

  35. hi there thanks yet again for a good episode always fun to see whether ti ask if you could choose any gundam would you like to have in the size of which you are the gundam would you choose then

  36. the prize this time is overwhelmingly attractive!

    looking forward to a completed rg exia

  37. I almost ordered a RG Exia; then I remembered I have to extra money to spend. A Zaku and a 00 Raiser would ease my pain though =(

    I Can’t wait to see what the RG Exia’s weapons have in store next week.

  38. I have one of my biggest exams next week, but I’m not down, because I’m loving this! And Mine is on its way to me from HLJ right as I type! 😀

  39. Cant wait to see the finished RG Exia, its going to be super good!

  40. yay RG exia hopefully they have news about Age Fx MG~~!

  41. Hey Syd and Ryan, i notice that a lot of HMM Zoids kits aren’t sold anymore(they were once there but maybe taken down) from HLJ, why? And are there any news of HMM zoids kits coming out soon? Keep uploading more episodes, they are Awesome!!

  42. Great show ryan and syd lovely prizes to win Love you guys! 🙂

  43. Great show as always guys… really excited on that big plamo event.

  44. That purple “sticker” looks tricky and tbh, doesnt look all that great, I prefer rubber that they use in 1/100 exia

  45. Great episode guys and awesome coverage on that Exia. Hope mine shows up faster now.

    Battle Damage=Win


  47. I think i will buy that RG Exia. I love it

  48. gonna get my hands on RG exia soon and i hope that bandai will release a MG version of Crossbone Maoh

    Great episode again!
    Please pick me!
    Thankies! 😀

  50. vCJD said on May 8, 2014

    RG EXIA,BOOOOOOOM! Got mine through from HLJ this week, gotta finish my MG Ignition first.
    Glad I saw this ep before, for the tips. Thanks Syd.
    Eager for the Shiz ep when it happens. Love to see new plastic, hopefully some new waterslides for the recent kits too.

  51. ivan said on May 8, 2014

    Let me have it!

  52. Great episode. Its cool when you show the differences in the frames and how its put together.

  53. 00 Raiser and a RG Zaku? What a great give away combo!

  54. id have to agree with syd, I think the rg gp01-fb is one of the best looking and the one i had the most fun building. Can’t wait to see all the new things at the shizuoka hobby show! long live hobby link tv!

  55. Really like that RG exia I want to see it finish and the full transformation of the yf-19

  56. Mic said on May 8, 2014

    Great show guys! Just receive my RG Exia this week, great kit!
    And this weeks price is one of my favorite gundam the mg 00
    Really wanna to win this time!
    Once again thanks for the effort you guys put in!

  57. Nice! The RG Exia is so sweet.

  58. hey guys awesome episode never get tired of seeing that rg exia

  59. Man I have seen most of the Gundam series and the kits just advance at an incredible speed. Technology these days. RG Exia was epic. Mg 00 Raiser and Rg Zaku Sweet!!

  60. Exia looks brilliant, Need to pick up that RG, Can’t have enough EXIA!
    Great episode again guys!

  61. was waiting all this week for the new episode hope i win those amazing kits

  62. nice episode as always.looking forward for the exia and shizuoka. bandai must have at least an mg for december and who knows maybe we will get a pg.

  63. PG Turn A Gundam when Bandai?

  64. I was just about to build my RG Exia when this video popped up. Thanks for the tips, that will be useful for my build!

    That aside, do you have any hopes for the upcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show?
    Personally, I’m hoping for the MG Gundam X Maoh to be announced, and maybe even a prototype shown.

  65. from the looks of it, the build of the RG is much better than the MG in many forms..

    I can take the lack of the LED gimmick for an improvement of the application of the GN Strips, and the short and long blades

    will get this eventually but not now

  66. Great episode guys. Really hoping for that RG zaku to be mine *cross fingers* 😀

  67. come on 00 raiser we need a RG of u with lights

  68. Hey Syd,

    About those little plastic parts for the RG Exia, if I remember correctly when I built my MG Exia, those plastic parts were not as secure as they are on the RG. They’re bigger parts, with a hologram like effect to them(no foil stickers behind them), but they relied completely on armor parts to just hold them. I remember a few times during construction where I was forced to search the floor for them after they fell off the kit.

  69. Awesome giveaways this week! I hope i win this time lol. Btw it’s nice to see you again guys. Syd and ryan, what’s the next rg you want to see, just curious to know.

  70. Muse said on May 8, 2014

    Another great episode of Gunpla TV! Hoping you guys will be back soon to show us your completed RG Exia!

  71. Will said on May 8, 2014

    I wonder if there would be RG kits of the Astray line in the future.

  72. RG exia looking awesome.
    Cant wait for the announcment for the big winter Gunpla kit, will be in japan around the time it gets released!!!!

  73. Nice Episode! Hope to win the 00! I FREAKIN LOVE OO!!! Hey btw, do you think the next Rg will be? I’m hoping above all things that it will be oo raiser. Haha

  74. Man both of those rg kits look sweet. Definitely going to have to pick them up. Great episode like always.

  75. Giveaway. Awesome

  76. Hello World

  77. can’t wait for the next RG, the Z’gok

  78. why don’t you guys sell online exclusive? you are an online shop.

  79. David said on May 8, 2014

    I want that 00 raiser

  80. Shack said on May 8, 2014

    Already built the MG 00 Raiser a few months ago, but I wouldnt mind another one. : D

  81. do you ever think they will release more rg kits with optional switch out parts with other rg kits? Plus im also hoping they release a gundam series on tv basic off of one of the mangas like crossbone or astray but whats your opinion?

  82. Even that I don’t have this kit, but I know this is an awesome awesome kit.
    I wish bandai gonna release rg astray red frame

  83. Guys, how’s that nuke power plant doing? We don’t want a new bay of Japan instead of what it is now…

  84. That I nice giveaway this week, would love to win it.

  85. Graal said on May 8, 2014

    This is one of the main reasons I love YouTube, I can honestly say I love these videos, the dynamic banter you two have always leaves a smile on my face and brightens my day. To whoever gets those kits, you are a lucky, lucky person :p

  86. Thks for the gr8 episode
    I really liked rg exia design.. is it a good kit to start off in the rg line?
    Btw I hope I win the awesome giveaway this week

  87. A.J said on May 8, 2014

    Hey guys great episode as always. I agree those plastic parts that go over the silver stickers were a pain to put on, keep going tho the effect is worth it. LOVE THE RG EXIA!!!!

  88. jhjh said on May 8, 2014

    Awesome episode as always! Can’t wait for the next one!

  89. I got my HG 00 Raiser from my father. Maybe I will got this MG 00 Raiser from you guys. Who knows right?
    Can’t wait to see what they will show in Shizuoka this year. Great show. Keep the good work.

  90. Just got my Exia yesterday along with freedom strike and destiny plus other RGs from you guys, don’t really need the RGs for the normal zaku (red comet) and blank MKII (white version). It’s going to be a hell of a weekend for sure. Zeta and char’s crab are on order. so fingers crossed on the 00 raizer though. I have been eyeing that for awhile. Thanks.

  91. Enjoy your break, very excited to see the Shizuoka coverage.

    What do you guys think of the Unicorn Zeta Plus HGUC that was recently announced?

  92. Sweet Jesus an MG i was looking at buying one while i wait for me RG Exia to come so i might aswell wait and see if i win on the plus side another great episode as always


  93. I needed my daily fix of Gunpla, and I got it. (Y)

  94. Ken said on May 8, 2014

    Thanks for a new GunplaTV episode guys

    regards from Norway!

  95. Brian said on May 8, 2014

    Great episode, especially like the little mini-WIP parts! Also your speculation on the hobby show has got me drooling on possibilities. MG Geara Zulu please!! More MG love for Zeon grunts!

  96. nice episode keep it up

  97. Another solid episode. Never been a fan of the Exia, but I do like the RG line of kits. Looking good so far. Also would love that free RG Zaku if I get chosen =)

  98. Danm that RG Exia is awesome..i can’t wait the next Episode

  99. That RG Exia looks amazing 😀

  100. Mind: “Let’s write a witty comment!”
    “Why not transcribe this thought process?”

  101. Ben said on May 8, 2014

    awesome episode!

  102. But that MG 00 raiser tho 😛

  103. Awesome episode, love how the Exia looks. Can’t wait to see the finished kit. Syd, not using tweezers, like a boss.

  104. Oldtype reporting in. Great video guys. And no I don’t just watch for the giveaways, but that is the reason why I comment lol.

  105. This RG Exia is best RG yet and great show guys.

  106. Awsome episode guys! 😀
    just ordered the Gundam wing mastergrade kit that is on sale and looking forward to building my first MG kit!
    To bad PG kits are so expensive because they look great and fun to build.
    Looking forward for your next episode

  107. If only I could get my hands on that exia! ><

  108. I cant wait to see the completed rg exia. I might get one.

  109. Chris said on May 8, 2014

    Awesome episode! Can’t wait to get my hands on a RG Exia. I am building a 1/100 NG Tieren Ground Type. Waiting on a real touch brown marker to finish up the battle damage. When I flat coat should I cover stickers?

  110. Dang! Two banging giveaway kits this week!

  111. Enjoy your vacation!

  112. Awesome

  113. is the place to be~

  114. Oh damn, I love the rg exia’s design. This is probably the best rg I’ve seen uptill this day

  115. Pls give me the rg zaku. Pls

  116. cant wait for ignition mode and trans-am mode rg exia 😀

  117. Cool Episode guys! I like how Syd broke down the frame differences and showed the building process. The tips on the build were also helpful. I have mine almost complete except decals but very impressed so far. Question: which PG kit would each of you like to see this year if Bandai puts one out?
    Hopefully you get to have some fun on your time off y’all deserve it and recharge the old batteries. See ya when you get back- Golden week sounds a little dirty FYI- says the ignorant western 😉

  118. Great episode as always! Can’t wait to build my rg exia!

  119. I’m falling in love with the RG MK-II.
    I have started my collection last year with the RG line and I would ask you which are the kits you prefer?

  120. Nice show as always. This RG Zaku want me to finish it ;D

  121. Thanks for the vid ! It was interesting to see the inner frame of this RG 😀

  122. Love the RG line, cant wait for my exia to arrive now.

  123. solid giveaway indeed. as always, very entertaining episode. 🙂

  124. do you guys think bandi will bring out the RG unicorn? that kit will be amazing if it transforms
    p.s, in it to win it

  125. Cant wait to get mine, thanks hobbylink!

  126. Great episode fellas! Enjoy your golden week, I miss japan a ton and Can’t wait to return.

  127. awesome episode! that’s a lot to giveaway for this week 😀

  128. Daven said on May 8, 2014

    give me gunpla!

  129. awesome video! really helps a lot since I just bought my RG Exia kit yesterday and progressing on the legs. really glad that Syd did go through some specific stuff (like the clear blue thingy for the legs, as all instructions were in japanese). can’t wait for the next video!

  130. woah AWESOME exia review syd and ryan
    ahahah hope i win the kits
    any chance we can see the metal gear rex black ver on the show???
    an awesome kit i would like to see

  131. Cool episode, RG Exia rocks! Cant wait to get mine. My very 1st zaku if ill be lucky 😀 plus MG 00 Raiser *drools*.

  132. Really liked this week’s episode guys, the Exia Review was very informative. Those 2 prize kits are really nice ones too….

  133. I love to see more review on the RG Exia

  134. In all my Gunpla years I have yet to purchase/construct a Zaku and although being selected by Mr. Random Number Generator (.com) would be awesome, I would have to decline unfortunately, as I wouldn’t be able to pay the import fee. Which sucks. Let me know what I’m missing out on building one of these guys 😛

    Not sure if anybody has commented about this before, but, I think it would be a cool idea if the winners posted WIPs so that Syd could see how his kits turn out. If they were how he imagined or if they went a different route. e.g; continuing the battle damaged theme or cleaning up the Zaku with putty to make it look like new?

    Again, great episode as always guys, hope you both have a relaxing Golden Week! 🙂

  135. Wow I am now really tempted by that R.G. Exia. Always good to see you guys doing the show. I have been getting working on getting my nieces and nephews into to gunpla. 1 niece and 2 nephews have completed kits already. I do have an RG Zaku but he could use a buddy. I would love to play with some battle damage. I have a Dremel and am a little hesitant to to do it on the kits I have currently but on a freebie I would definitely be more willing to experiment.

  136. i just bought my first ever mg and i gotta say im loving the build stike gundam from gundam build fighters hope they realease mg wing gundam fenice
    00 raiser is a sick mg wish me luck 😀

  137. Hey guys, another great episode, really enjoying the in depth look at frames and gimmicks. Can’t wait for Shizuoka announcements, keep up the great building!

  138. So Syd do you think there is going to be any other 00 rgs? At least something not piloted by Setsuna at least

  139. That RG Zaku would look so great in a diorama! Real Grade models have single-handedly gotten me back into this great hobby! Awesome video and can’t wait for the RG Z’Gok!

  140. Cant wait for the next episode but have fun on days off guys :v

  141. Great episode guys. It’s always nice to watch these episodes with some tutorials.

  142. That RG Exia looks awesome!!!

  143. Candy said on May 8, 2014

    have been waiting for my side cutter for 7+ weeks, still in backorder><.
    how were you guys holiday?hope I can get RG and Mg kits this time.

  144. Wish we had golden week here! XD

  145. Glad you guys are back!

  146. syd do you think bandai will release effect part or some sort of parts to make the repair 2 on rg exia god bless keep up the good work

  147. Does anyone think that they will release a mg banshee norn (not premium bandai)? My guess is that it could be the Dec. release with the green psycho frame/last battle colors like the unicorn full armor

  148. Another awesome episode! Could you please show us how to use the builders parts and the metal parts in a future episode? Thanks guys, you totally rock!

  149. You rock with that giveaway guys! I really want to win! 😀

  150. Nice episode! The giveaways for this week is also awesome! Goodluck everyone!

  151. Still waiting for my Exia, I am really eager to assemble this one. Any news on the MG turn X?

  152. Kevin said on May 8, 2014

    Next prize will be mine!!! LOL

  153. Good tips on the RG Exia. I’ve been a bit back-logged, but when I do get around to building him, they will be really helpful. Thanks and enjoyed the show.

  154. Upan said on May 8, 2014

    What a wonderful RG, but im so worry about that gate mark at the blade.

  155. Good luck everyone!

  156. i love it whenever you guys put up a new video

  157. Come on ! Please generate my number Mr RandomNumberGenerator

  158. scid said on May 8, 2014

    Nice episode as always guys..been waiting and clicking everyday since gunpla tv is not weekly like always..hope u enjoy ur holidays..BTW I’m slurping my slurpee while watching ur episodes… cant wait to see what Shizuoka will offer us..hopefully new MG other than MG Turn X

  159. Awesome WIP of the EXIA RG! Must resist buying since I still have four other kits I bought that I should build first lol. Thanks again guys for taking the time to do the episode! I am looking forward to the next!

  160. Thank you Syd, for showing us how to do the tricky part of RG Exia and I want those freebies too 😛

  161. an MG Wing gundam Fenice kit would totally be awesome

  162. Great episode as always. I want them freebies lol =)

  163. Is there any chances to see a transformable Gundam in version 2.0? I hope they’ll have more sophisticated transformation steps like those transformers toys do 😀

  164. A good episode as usual guys, keep up the good work. I really hope that I win those kits 🙂

  165. The Exia as a design took a while to grow on me, but now it’s one of my favorites. I can’t wait to get the RG. I look forward to every ep of Keep it up!

  166. Great episode!


    I am building my RG exia and thanks to this episode (148) it saved me some of the guesswork on the legs, but one thing regarding the thigh area:

    Are the silver stickers supposed to be placed directly onto the RG frame?

    It looks like the surface is not flat enough for the sticker to be put in place and it ends up warping the overall appearance once the clear blue part is put on top of it, any suggestions?


  167. luis said on May 8, 2014

    i hope i win this time, it’ll be my first mg and zeon ms

  168. That Exia is looking great! I want to pick up one of those!

  169. Hi all i just finished watching all the previous episodes and love the show and i just ordered my first mg the strike rouge ootori and was curious what the best color for panel lining would be since rrobert184 used brown and some other videos show black i was wondering which would be the best on that kind of pink armor any ideas would be most welcome and keep up the good work

  170. Good woek on your episodes, they are always fun to watch. The RG is lookin’ pretty good. I wonder how the arm mobility will be once you put the purple cables on the shoulders?

    And Bandai, can you give the Blu Duel some MG love? Please?

  171. Carlo said on May 8, 2014

    I have been waiting for this giveaway I hope I win it oh and RG EXIA!!!! Woot woot

  172. I’ve never considered myself looking into rg but having seen the intricate forms and perspective it can give through seeing how the exia has been good looking, I decided to check out more of what i’ve been missing out thanks syd and ryan for your help on this type of gunpla keep it up!! -from THE US -to JAPAN

    PS i made it to the early comments having to do laundry early morning ain’t so bad after seejng great prizes as well glhf

  173. GN said on May 8, 2014

    Thanks for the in-depth on the RG Exia.

  174. Wow that Exia frame is looking good! I hope we see an RG 00 Gundam soon.

  175. Nice video guys, thanks for the building tips, I just can’t wait to hold my exia next week 😀

  176. Another great review again, so keep up the good work. Do you foresee Bandai releasing a RG 00 Gundam in the future?

  177. Oh wow. Already so many comments on this post. Here’s hoping my luck will turn around. 🙂

  178. Oh my! I just ordered MG OO Raiser for my friend and now I’m starting to feel that I really want to try build MG too, I never built any MG before so I wish I can win this and finish yours for my first MG build. My Exia is still in box now, I hope I’m not gonna break any part when build it :3

  179. Now you’re just spoiling the winner Sid (I apologize if I got that wrong) and Ryan, not that I’m complaining. You guys and everyone in part of GunplaTV are doing a great job and the Exia looks awesome, can’t wait to buy it. *¬*

  180. sweet episode hope i win that zaku keep it up guys

  181. Good job showcasing the rg exia. I hope you enjoy your holiday .

  182. RG Exia soo good

  183. Ray said on May 9, 2014

    Hi Syd and Rye…
    Thanks for the RG Exia review although it’s still a WIP…
    So I will be waiting for full build next episode, hopefully next week…

  184. Are you guys gonna be making videos about the Shizuoka show in the Shizuoka show? It would be awesome to see all the new gunpla with you guys telling us about it.

  185. jayy said on May 9, 2014

    yeah, another good episode.

  186. Glad you guys are back with a new episode. It was hard not having my Gunpla TV fix.

  187. Love you guys, keep those episodes coming!

  188. WOW… an MG and an RG giveaway, very nice 🙂 are there going to be any PG on a giveaway also? either way nice episode, and good work Syd and Ryan 🙂

  189. Great episode, and i was not a 00 fan until the rg exia came out. love the rg line very much. Hope I could win this time

  190. T Lok said on May 9, 2014

    hm…may have to get RG Exia….

  191. Sam said on May 9, 2014


    A PG for the winter would be cool, though I would rather have something in my economical grasp. With Reconguista in G coming later this year, maybe a Ver. Ka of the lead suit?

  192. Always looking forward to the next Gunpla TV episode as for me it’s like that anime episode you get to see every week that has the most hype around it when it’s airing. My Exia is still shipping and I can’t wait to open that box. Thanks for another great episode guys!

  193. Comment for the raffle!

  194. Hello Syd and Rye! Nice show as always.
    Question I was top coating my master great sinanju after painting. the problem is after applying the top coat there is some dust how can i remove the dust???
    Great RG Exia! Enjoy your holiday.

  195. Mike said on May 9, 2014

    Good episode guys! Really curious how Exia will stack up in the end to other RG’s.

  196. Awesome show as always. I’m also in agreement with that comment about the posters, I mean you do have multiples of that beautiful epyon. Haha

  197. I do love me some Zaku II’s, maybe I’ll win this one. The RG Exia looks pretty great, looking forward to seeing it all put together. I’ll probably end up buying, haven’t seen a bad RG yet.

  198. Omg that Exia looks sweet, cant wait to get mine RG.

  199. I would love to make a Zaku I out of the RG giveaway. I really like the Zeta RG, probably my favourite.

  200. Great Episode as always guys! it the thing i look forward to the most of all and every week! Do hope i win that MG 00 Raiser and Zaku II:)

  201. Any love for an Anglo/irish HLJ community? PS praying for an MG Kshstriya or Wing Gundam Fenice at Shizuoka!

  202. I really enjoy building the Real Grade kits. They look so nice when completed. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an RG Gelgoog or Rick Dom. I hope the RG line also gives some love to G-Gundam at some point, that would be sweet!


  204. Your Exia reviews are why I’m going to pick it up. I wonder what it would look like standing next to the MG 00 Gundam.

    With the Exia already out, what are the odds that we’ll get an RG 00 Raiser as well?

  205. alex said on May 9, 2014

    the real grade exia is looking pretty sweet i wounder if they have plans to reuse its frame for some other kits? and i wounder which it be?

  206. I was going to pass on the exia until I saw this episode. Awesome!

  207. Nice show as always.
    Looking forward to next episode and completion of the exia =)

  208. jr said on May 9, 2014

    the review looks sweet what do you hope the next real grade will be?

  209. Thank you for showing how thoes clear plastic pieces on the exia.

  210. Looking at how good the Exia looks I feel like I might try and pick one up. Should be interesting at my first attempt at an RG. Wonder if they will ever do the Exia Amazing.

  211. really like this kit.. hope they will release 00 or 0quan T…

  212. i want some prize….!!!

  213. Great Video Guys! Have you guys ever thought of making a video about building a Diorama? Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next episode!

  214. Nice review.

  215. Another great show guys!!
    Nice tips for the RG Exia.
    I’m waiting for my RG Exia too.
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    I don’t watch your show the prizes.

    I watch so that I may vicariously enjoy the Gunpla model building experience. On a single income with mortgage and 2 wonderful if somewhat challenging kids I don’t have much spare time and/or cash to participate anywhere as much as I would love to.

    My hope is for a Double Zeta Ver2.0 or PG to go alongside the Zeta 2.0 and PG. I love those kits so much.

    I have one PG Zeta unbuilt but I am very slowly saving up for a second to paint in the Limited Karaba colour scheme.

    Thanks so much for the awesome episodes and I look forward to the up coming show reports.

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    Hi guys, very informative episode, as usual. On the other hand, i expected a little bit more, like… the full review of it :D!! For a fan of gunpla tv, waiting 2 weeks is quite a long time. Anyways, a random question: what do you guys think of the new movie Godzilla? I kinda like it because it looks more accurate to the original than the one from the last movie.

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