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1/35 Rabidly Dog ST Ver. by Wave (Part 2: Review)

1/35 Rabidly Dog ST Ver. by Wave (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (1)

The Rabidly Dog is all put together, so let’s see how it looks!

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (2)
Though I used my regular tools, you may want to use a bit of cement for some of the pieces as you put them together.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (3)
But when it’s done, here’s how it looks from all sides.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (4)

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (5)

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (6)
The scope can move both vertically and horizontally.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (7)
The arms can move around 90°.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (8)
Though the legs are a little worse.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (9)
One nice gimmick is that the mine layer can open and stretch out.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (10)
And the iron claw opens well,.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (11)
The simple possible poses still look good, especially staring down the barrel.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (12)
And the claw is fun if you want to fight melee style.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (13)
Definitely more similar to a Bandai High Grade.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (14)
Though it’s much bigger when compared to a Tachikoma of the same scale.

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (15)
For some final thoughts, first, it is definitely a fun kit to build, and I enjoyed the gimmicks.  For this scale, it has a fair amount of details carved into it, and a lot of the armor around the body can move, from the arms to the legs.  Unfortunately, they are a little loose, and don’t stay in place all that well sometimes.  Also, going back to the unbox, the layout of some of the plates seems a bit counterintuituve, and the gates are rather large which can lead to some unseemly discoloration.  More importantly however, is that the manual could be a lot clearer, especially for beginners, as there’s some confusion regarding the order to attach parts, how many, and even what position to put them in. As well, when you are trying different poses, parts do tend to fall off occasionally.  The lack of a transformation may be a bit offputting for some, but ultimately, it looks pretty good right out of the box, but you know it can only get better with some paint.  Overall though, I’m pleased with the look of it when it’s on the shelf!

rrobbert184-rabidly dog-review (16)
Thanks for checking this out everyone!

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  1. Thanks for another highly detailed review! Are the problems with the manual and falling parts worse than with the bandai 1/72 vf1 kits?

    Looking forward to your next review!


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