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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 63 – Ryan’s SDF-1 – We build a MEGA Size AGE-1!

Gunpla TV goes huge with the Mega Size AGE-1 Normal facing off against Ryan’s completed (almost) SDF-1.

Kits featured in this video:
– 1/144 HG G-Exes (WMS-GEX1)
– 1/144 HG Baqto
– 1/144 HG Gundam AGE-1 Spallow
– 1/48 MEGA SIZE MODEL Gundam AGE-1 Normal
– 1/3000 SDF-1 Macross Transformable Unpainted Assembly Kit DX Ltd.

For information on the Prizes & Categories for the Sci-Fi Modelling Competition 2012 click here!

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  1. hi guys, is it possible to enter a “gentei” kit for the competition?

  2. hi Syd and Rayn.Love the show. I just wanted to ask you a question. I tired painting my models grid by grid using a hand brash and tamiya acrylics for the first time, i messed it really bad, and i doubt i can enter with this to the competition and i wanted to know how should i hand brush paint in a good way without primer? :s
    Thanks alot

  3. awsome duo

  4. Hi Syd and Ryan, Syd you said you didn’t want anything for X-mas, but if you could get any kit, which one would you get? Ryan, which kit would you get? I waiting for the release of the new MG Full Armor Unicorn. Thanks for the great videos, good luck getting through the holidays and Merry Christmas.

  5. I was wondering if Syd could show us his completed models that he has made for his home. would be neat for an after xmas episode

  6. Hey guys. Happy holidays. Syd, do you know when Bandai will release the 1/100 RX-78-7 7th Gundam and 1/144 RX-160S Byalant Custom kits?

  7. The one thing I asked Santa for this Christmas is if he could help you guys open up your parts department already!!! And on that note I want to wish everyone at hobby link a very Merry Christmas and happy new year and thank you so much for your wonderful shows. can’t wait to see what you guys have plan for us in the new year.

    Thank you so much

  8. Hi Syd and Ryan. thganks for the great show over the year. Have a Merry Christmas.

  9. Needs moar GAF shert 😛

  10. Hi guys, you raised a concern of mine I have as I’m new to Gunpla. If I want to add water slide decals to a kit I’ve built, you said that first you should gloss coat it, then you add the decals, and then finally a top coat. Well I have 3 questions in regard to this:
    1) If I am using enamel based paints for panel lining, which layer should I do this on?
    2) I have an airbrush for which I am able to use Humbrol’s Matt Cote product. Does this Matt Cote do the same thing as Mr Hobby’s Top coat?
    3) Does gloss coat and top coat impede the joints on the Gunpla kits at all? Would I have to mask off the joints when spraying these?

    • 1: It’s probably best to panel line before you apply decals – this way you won’t wind up panel lining the edge of the decal itself, and you’ll be able to get panel lines underneath clear portions of the decal more easily, etc… Though there are times when it’s useful to go the other way (for instance, to get panel lines on top of the decals) but that’s a bit more complicated.
      2: Yeah, they’re all basically just clear paint. Different types of paint will have different properties (drying time, durability, etc.) but mostly it’s not an issue.
      3: Any paint buildup can potentially interfere with moving joints. The most common problem is simply that the paint will wind up scraping off later if it gets in the way of the joint. Usually an assembled joint will be closed up enough that spraying paint onto it won’t cause it to seize up – just don’t overdo it and you should be fine.
      A final note: in my experience it’s worth spraying another clear coat on top of decals before spraying a flat coat. It helps everything to look a little more uniform.

      • Hey,

        Thanks for the advice, I was also wondering about how Mark Setter and Mark Softer would be incorporated into this as I ordered some after watching a Gunpla TV video ha ha.

        I’m guessing it’s something like this:

        1 – Plastic,
        2 – Panel Lining,
        3 – Gloss Coat,
        4 – Mark Setter,
        4 – Decal,
        5 – Mark Softer,
        6 – Matt Cote/Top Coat

        That seems like a lot of layers, even without priming and painting it. 😐

    • Sorry, also, how would Mark Setter and Mark Softner fit in with all this?


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