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Final Fantasy Shirts: A Complete Series

Final Fantasy is a franchise that needs no introduction! Whether you’re an old fan or a new fan, we’ve got some exciting news for you! On April 29th (that’s tomorrow!), the clothing store franchise UNIQLO is collaborating with Square Enix to bring you a shirt from every single iteration of the main line of games. That’s right! Every. Single. One. Even Final Fantasy XVI! And we’re here to show them off!

This collaboration is so hyped that they even created an entire video experience to showcase the line-up! Check it out below and then we’ll show you the complete line-up!

Each of the shirts will be sold separately, but if you’re badass enough to want the entire collection, then you have some special stuff awaiting you! If you manage to snipe one of the 5,000 ‘Complete Boxes’ you’ll get all sixteen patterns along with some original playing cards and some really fancy packaging!

As far as we know, these shirts will be available in Japan, USA, Canada, and most likely a few other countries! (The box appears to be Japan-exclusive, though.) Keep an eye out on your local UNIQLO store for this incredible Final Fantasy collab!

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