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Final Fantasy XIV Takes Over Lawson Convenience Stores!

Do you love Final Fantasy XIV? Do you love chicken nuggets, tea, and exclusive in-game mounts? Then you better rush over to a Lawson convenience store on August 31st, 2021 because Square Enix has teamed up with the store franchise for one hell of a collaboration!

The first thing you’ll want to pick up are the “Crystal of Light and Darkness” Karaage-kun chicken nuggets! Or, well, that’s the fancy name. In actuality it’s a limited edition flavor of Pepper Tartar Sauce chicken nuggies, so they’re bound to still be delicious. And, hey you get some super cute and cool FF14-inspired packaging to go along with it!

Head over to the drink section next for some MOOGLE Pon Pon Tea! Bottled up in four adorable different designs… I’ll be real, even if the tea ends up not tasting good, I’ll still buy it. Just look at them! I’ll be aiming for the Chocobo and Moogle, myself, so other patrons better get outta my way!

There will also be a ton of new, original, and exclusive goods available for preorder only at Lawson locations on the 31st! But the biggest prize that FF14 players will be looking out for is…

The legendary in-game King Porxie mount! That’s right! You can get a mount you can actually use in game exclusively by buying some of these Lawson goodies! Collect 18 stamps by buying chicken, tea, or some other select products and soon enough you’ll find yourself flying around on the most amazing pig around– er, I mean, royalty around!

So what are you waiting for? Might need to suck up to some of your friends in Japan to get you these goodies! Or, if you’d prefer some other FFXIV collectibles, check out what we have in store!

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