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Egg Plane YF-19 with Fast Pack & Fold Booster by Hasegawa (Part 1: Unbox)

Egg Plane YF-19 w/Fast Pack & Fold Booster by Hasegawa (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (1)

The YF-19 is a variable fighter from Macross Plus, piloted by Isamu Daison. This kit is the second fighter in Egg Plane series from Hasegawa  Let’s see what we get inside the shell!

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (2)
A limited edition, but you can see we’re nowhere near a dozen yet.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (3)
The box is around the size of a SD kit.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (6)
The box sides have information about the kit, and I’m a big fan of the coloring of the cover art.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (4)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (7)
Glue and paint not included, so it will be quite different from a Bandai kit after the 80s.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (8)
When you open the box, you can see only 2 colors, so you can see how paint will help.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (9)
Clear parts in a separate plastic bag, and water slides protected by wax paper. Professionally packed!

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (10)
The manual is black-and -white, with no introduction of the fighter, but only the necessary information for building. It comes across as real military model style, if you can look past the cute shape.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (11)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (12)
Now that is a lot of colors.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (14)
Plates shown in order.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (15)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (16)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (17)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (18)

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (19)
A whole bunch of water slides means that there’s lots that can be done to add color.

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (20)
As you can see, there are only 5 big plates, and the colors are not the most exciting.This means that a lot of painting may await, but this is to be expected for model airplanes. But the details on the parts are quite sharp.  I’d imagine it will look quite good with some effort, but I’ll just stick to my usual style this time. So I’m curious to see how much glue and sanding are going to be required.  Looking forward to putting it together!

rrobbert184-YF19-Unbox (21)
“I love the smell of napalm and eggs in the morning.”

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