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Egg Plane YF-19 with Fast Pack & Fold Booster by Hasegawa (Part 2: Review)

Egg Plane YF-19 w/Fast Pack & Fold Booster by Hasegawa (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (1)

The YF-19 is all put together now! Let’s see how cute an egg shaped plane can be.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (2)
The buidling didn’t take too much time and effort as expected. Surprisingly, I only needed to use plastic nippers to put it together.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (3)
A few shots from different sides. There are good details all around its body.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (4)

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (5)

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (6)
Armed underside.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (7)
For reference sake, it’s about the size of a SD.  Very similar in build difficultly as well, though it’s missing out on the colors you’d get from Bandai.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (8)
Better plastic nippers mean you can even do away with a modelers knife!

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (9)
But to make it look really good, you may want to consider using what you see here, and even more for the real pros!

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (10)
And if you do want to paint it up, here’s some suggestions as to which parts you can paste together to make the paint job easier.

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (11)
Overall, I think this build exceeded my expectations.  It’s quite simple, but I’m surprised about how perfectly each part matches the others around it.  As you can see in the post, I didn’t even use cement, but the plane still stays together very well without falling apart. However, as plane painters know, this should be just the beginning of the whole journey.  When you see the brand Hasegawa, you’ll know that it needs painting to reach its full potential.  So you’ll need cement, putty and sand paper to prepare it for its classic paint job.  But compared with traditional military models, there’s less work to be done before you get a simple and cute egg plane as a final product.  Thanks for reading, see you!

rrobbert184-yf-19-review (12)
“No Gerwalks to be seen here!

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  1. This looks really cool, I hope they do a VF-0 and VF-25!


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