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Mechatrotube No.01: A Blast From the Past

You may have heard of the MechatroWeGo before by Hasegawa — it’s been around for a few years. We’ve even done reviews over on YouTube for the original version of the robot kit.

Now, Hasegawa has announced the 1/35th scale Mecatrotube No.01 “Light Green & Green”, which will now be released at the end of January.

If you want another innovative looking kit to go with your WeGo, then this will be right up your alley. Though… it’s definitely a whole new design!

This 1/35 scale plastic model is an updated version of the “Tube No.1” (released in 2006) by Kazushi Kobayashi. This was a version both brought out by Chubu as a 1/12 scale kit and one that was made in collaboration with popular fashion retailer BEAMS and Moderizumu (Kobayashi’s Company) .

Both were large 1/12 scale Mechatrotube No.01, but the main difference was the limited edition Mechatrotube No.01 (BEAMS ver.) cost a whopping 15,750 yen!

Anyway, back the new 1/35 scale kit: it includes parts to build two of this helpful robot — one in green and one in light green.

As you can see from the identical runners, in essence you could make the robots a mixture of both! This is pretty common for the Mechatro series.

The robots will be posable after assembly, and come with a towing cart that can be used to transport Mechatro WeGo robots or other items.

A very happy looking female driver figure, sculpted by Satoshi Tsujimura, is also included — but she’ll need paint and glue for the kind of finish seen below.

Both Mecatrotube No.01 are about 10cm high, and if any of the WeGo are anything to go by, these will be really fun to build!

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