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Toy Tengoku – Episode 27 – Chogokin Going Merry – Figuarts Zero Robin New World & Ace Battle

Our “One Piece” two-part adventure continues with a trio of top offerings from Bandai: the Figuarts Zero line’s Nico Robin New World Ver. and Portgas D Ace Battle Ver., and the superb Chogokin Going Merry!

Kits featured in this video:

Chogokin Going Merry by Bandai
Figuarts Zero Nico Robin (New World Ver.) by Bandai
Figuarts Zero Portgas D Ace (Battle Ver.) by Bandai


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  1. im new to the show, but im a BIG one piece fan, i discovered the figuarts zero series and inmediatly bought all the figures i could from your website and others (i have the sanji battle ver preorder), im thinking about getting the going merry chogoin, but i live in Chile, so shipping and customs costs would kill me… but we will see XD.

    i was wondering if you could answer a question, do you know about any plans to reestock the figuarts zero franky new world ver.? cause its the only mugiwara i need in the series to have the whole set, and believe me i dont want to buy it from amazon at 159 US. dollars

    if there’s not plans, please help me to get it somehow, maybe from a japan store or something. i would buy it from you directly if you had it 🙁

    love the show, keep the good work!

    salutations from CHILE 🙂

  2. Wow! Bandai did an amazing sculpt for the Portgas D Ace figure! As Robin was turning the figure around, I noticed they even had his belt partially hanging from the back. In addition to the flames, one thing that struck me was dramatic power conveyed by the figure, right down to the position of the hands and fingers. Very nicely done!

    I still think Bandai also did a terrific job with the Chogokin Going Merry, especially with all the accessory pieces and various ways she can be displayed. A very nice touch they added was having the figures and lifeboats painted in such a way that the lighting is taken into account when viewed from the the front and back if the ship was displayed as the battle damaged version. I love Bandai’s attention to detail.

    Thanks for another entertaining episode. Will be looking out for number 28. Cheers.


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