Nov 28

Syd completes the legs for PG Unicorn and demonstrates the joints’ flexibility before moving on to the skirt build.

Catch up on the previous videos in this exclusive series:

Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 1 – PG Unicorn Gundam Unboxing
Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 2 – PG Unicorn Gundam Torso Assembly
Gunpla TV Exclusive – Part 3 – PG Unicorn Gundam Leg Assembly


  1. can’t wait for the shoulders! i really want to see how they engineered it, great job u did there syd!

  2. PGs specially this Unicorn really has all the right junk at all the right places 😀

  3. Those are some sexy legs… Not to forget the business end… LOL
    Looking forward to the next episode. Thanks!

  4. dat legs

  5. dude. that knee is pretty awesome, love the movement and armor separating. thanks!

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