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Gunpla TV – Episode 45 – Facebook Contest & Takara Bumblebee Unboxing!

Episode 50 is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to have a contest. Of course, we show you some plastic model kits in this episode, too.

In this episode:
DMK-02 Bumblebee
1/48 F-22 Raptor Idolmaster Haruka Amami
1/500 Space Battleship Yamato
1/100 YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie Ranka Marking Ver.
1/100 FV-25F Messiah Valkyrie Fighter Mode Sheryl Marking Ver.
– SDF-2 Regult HDP Kit

And the prize that will be given to three luck winners, and can also be purchased from hlj.com:
1/100 00 Raiser Clear Color Ver. Special Edition

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  1. i dont have a facebook…yet but i will to enter this

    also how can i get my one of them epyon posters

  2. Wow, nice competition goodies!
    Though, I’m not a fan of Facebook, I’ll skip this one and wait for the 100th episode!! XD

    Seeing how coolsome the Matt finish gives, I hope to find some place that sells them. And they’re really really reallllly hard to find, may have to use … Ebay…

    Speaking of Macross planes deco’d with Ranka or Sheryl, I still have my VF25 to deco up! It has so many Ranka decals. Syd, are you going to compete with Ryan’s Idol Master F22 with a VF25 Ranka/Sheryl kit? It would be fun to see that!

  3. Ryan definitely knows how to pick his kits; much respect.

    Have the rereleased plastic kit of the Regult which will have to do me, as that kit is just too much for this man. Really is amazing though.

  4. I just posted mine and though I liked it, I wish I had the rest of my kits with me. I would have been a lot more creative with my entry, but overall, I’m happy.

    Lots of folks do have really good entries as well… so much love for you guys! Keep up the great work!

  5. hi! I have liked your page from facebook but can’t post my photo to join the contest, is it ok to tag you instead?
    TIA! 🙂

    • @ Noel if you just go to our fan page it will allow you to share a photo. If you can post a comment on our fan page than it will allow you to post a photo.

  6. Hi, neither comment is not available. I have tried also using a PC but the same thing. Do you think HLJ might have changed the profile? Coz with GunJap Page, i can write comment or post a photo. Thanks!

    • @ Noel did you first hit the “like” button?

  7. yes, i did. I can see your page already from my list of pages that I liked. Any suggestion how can i submit my entry? I will send photos how it looks like everytime i view your page.

    • @ Noel i could not find you on the list of people that “liked” our page weird! You can email your entry directly to me and I will post it up, luke@hlj.com.

  8. Hi Luke! It’s my mistake, i Liked the Hobby Link Japan Page instead of HobbyLinkTV :(… my bad hehehe.

    I emailed HLJ yesterday regarding my issue and good thing Syd replied 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

    • @ Noel Yes I got told about this yesterday, good luck!

  9. I placed I love Hobbylink.tv not gunpla tv is that ok?

  10. what about a tattoo of i love gunpla?..


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