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GM Sniper


Submitted By: Dave The Chef

Master Grade 1/100 GM sniper with a custom paint job. Paint went on in layers with rubber mask used for the pattern each time – took me ages hahaha. It’s not the most posable of Gundams but I treat my gundams more as static models than anything else so I don’t mind. I may do a diorama in the future but here it is as of now, enjoy.

Cheers chaps, Dave

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  1. What brand do you use for masking? Any tips for using it?

  2. Hi Egg, I used Humbrol Maskol but I believe Gunze also make rubber mask too they have one called Mr Masking Sol neo, HLJ will probably stock that. You just paint it on in whatever pattern you like, let it dry for at least 30mins then spray another colour over it. It comes off easy although they say you shouldn’t leave it on too long. They also say you shouldn’t put in onto Future dipped canopies as it can eat into it. For this type of camo using tape would be a long task indeed so this method works well.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been using the Tamiya masking tape and have found it pretty handy. However, it does seem to have it’s limitations. I’m always looking for new tools and techniques I can use to improve my modeling.

  4. Another method that people use for masking camo is to stick poster tack to the model to mask off each color. Camo masks don’t need to be too precise, so it’s a pretty good and simple way to go.


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