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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 26 – PG Strike Freedom WIP Pt. 3

Having finished those massive legs it’s time to turn our attention to the skirt and just like the legs, Bandai has engineered some surprises in there.  This episode brings the lower part of the kit to completion.  Next up the torso!

In this episode:
– 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

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  1. nice.. nice.. i wonder when will i get one of that PG strike freedom..
    i feel so sad ..

    anyway… good work bandai!! veru good engineering…thumbs up

  2. by the way I have downloaded all of Gunpla TV episodes…
    Thanks Gunpla TV..

  3. Nice episode yet again. I’m surprised that for a PG kit, there are some areas that are fairly simple almost like putting together a HG-type kit. Can’t wait to see the finished kit.

    BTW, you need more color in your studio. Maybe a few more posters?

  4. this isn’t to do with this episode but on hlj i saw lots of MG gundams for only £4 uk is this the correct pricing

  5. Awesome job Syd and co.! Just wanted to let you know I just put in my first order ever with HLJ, over 40,000¥, and it’s all because of Gunpla TV. Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. @Jeremy,

    We did have an hiccup recently with the international currency being displayed incorrectly. it has been fixed. When in doubt always look at the yen price.


    We’re aware of the lack of color in the studio. In fact, we mention why in the first part of Episode 25.


    Once you get bitten by the Gunpla bug, there’s no turning back. Enjoy the ride.

  7. Nice use of MS Era – I love that book… Did you cut out the pages from the book or are the images available in some other form?

  8. I just had an interesting phone call from FedEx. They wanted to know what I bought from Hobbylink to see if the “Reduced scale models or toys” description was correct, and I had to spend a while trying to explain to him what a Gundam was.

  9. @Norman
    That must have been an awesome conversation! =)

  10. Nice model! I wonder if I will get one some day 🙁 greetings!

  11. wish your giveaways were not always 1/100 or master/perfect grades . Hope to see some 1/144 kits in your future giveaways.


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