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Watchmen Custom GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

Watchmen Custom GAT-X105 Strike Gundam
Submitted By: Kamm

This model was originally going to be used in a competition which rules were to base a gundam on a Movie or Series, for my entry I chose the Watchmen movie/series. I have only recently started working with gunpla having around 6 months or so under my belt now probably less when I first started working on the strike you see above.

The kit was entirely hand painted by myself, the only time I used my airbrush was to prime the model before painting. The model features battle damage I did by giving the model to my dog… just kidding 😉 I created the battle damage with varies drills, saws and a soldering iron. Before I started carving away at the model I had a plan for the battle damage so that it didn’t just look random!

After damaging the model, I cleaned it up and primed it! After that I began to paint the model with more coats then I care to remember ^^ The way I built up this model was paint the kit completely clean apply decals and markings and then begin to weather and break the model back down.

Side Note : As I’ve only been working with gunpla for such a short time my decals on this model aren’t the best (I also made them in Photoshop for the most part)

To weather this model I used a combination of dry brushing and painting straight onto the model surface with a variety of washes and paint.

Overall I was really pleased with the outcome of the model (except for some of the decals) and am now nearing the end of my next project which is a custom “The-O” which so far has taken around 2 months.

I just want to say a quick thank you to those who encouraged me with this build and offered criticism where it was needed. Big thank you to HLJ also for allowing me to submit my work ^^ I hope to be able to contribute more in the future.

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  1. Hella kick @$$ job my friend.

  2. Great stuff Kamm! I love the eyes in particular! 🙂

  3. Great work!!! looks like bumble bee or i say gundam-bee hehehe 🙂

  4. Fantastic job, excellent example of what can be achieved with brush painting.

  5. This is absolutely amazing, I’m curious as to how you planned your battle damaging because I want to start battle damaging my kits but I dont want to just throw stuff on there, if you have a tutorial or know of any good tutorials could you please share it?

  6. One of the best I have seen to date.

  7. Thanks guys for the kind words of encouragment! 🙂

    @ Philip – If you go to this link http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad89/KammGunpla/MG%20Strike%20%20IWSP/12.jpg?t=1289912645 this is how I planned the battle damage. First in photoshop then I followed the plans.

    Hope it helps!

  8. great work kamm the man

  9. thank you ^^

  10. This is excellent! Robots that look like they’ve seen heavy action are a big winner in my book. The weathering effects and battle damage are amazing, and it’s great that you did this work with brushes! Congratulations!

  11. Please excuse that last comment. Now that I’m paying attention to the tab I’m on……

    This is excellent work. The weathering and damage are extremely well done. I wonder if one of the Wing Gundams would be a good fit for Ozymandias.


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