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Markov Anti Gravity Racer

Submitted By: Matt Mrozek

Here is something completely different.  I give you my 1/35 Markov Anti Gravity Race Car.
This awesome kit was designed and is sold by Alb Lab (http://www.alb-lab.it/)

My goal was to create a floating Markov.  The kit it self is superb.  Great casting and such a cool design.  Not to many parts and break down and engineering will make for easy assembly and painting.

A couple things about the levitation base.  It was $90 shipped to me.  It took me about 2 hours to get the magnet to levitate the first time.  Partly because the electronics over heat after a few minutes of trying and they need to cool down for 2 minutes before trying again.  Once I got the magnet to levitate for the first time it takes me 2 seconds to do it each time.  It just takes some time to learn how to find the swet spot.  There are 4 LEDs that help guide you.  If one of these turns off then you know you are in the wrong place.  Once all 4 are lit you know your in the right spot and then it’s just a matter of slowly letting go of the magnet.

I wasn’t sure if the weight of the kit would be an issue and from the pics below you can see that it will support it with no problem.  The problem comes in when I try to put the magnet inside the car.  The resin decreases the power of the magnet to the point where there is not enough force to levitate the car. So I don’t know if I could get a stronger magnet, other wise I will just have to set the car on top.

First a huge than you to everyone who participated in the WIP. (link http://fichtenfoo.net/forum/index.php?topic=5553.0) Also thanks to ALB for making such a beautiful kit, I will be ordering a second soon.  Thanks to Mike for entertaining all of my badgering and thanks to all the great modelers on this forum who’s works gave me the info I needed to accomplish my first weather venture.  So if any of you veterans have any suggestions please let me know.

One thing I learned is that working with metal tools while there is a strong magnet in side sucks.  The magnet caused my exacto knife to slip several times.

OK a long list of firsts for me on this builds

1. Making something fly
2. Hairspray technique
3. Weathering
4. Post shading
5. Using Pigments

If you have any questions let me know.

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  1. I love the weathering so much! great job Matt! 😉

  2. Hey Donc!!! Thanks man. My first attempt at making something look dirty.

  3. wonderfull i dunno this thing.. very futuristic


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