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Crystal Pikachu: The Latest In Pokemon Luxury

It’s time for Pokemon Trainers to live a life of luxury with a brand-new Pokemon Crystal Collection from Baccarat! These lavish display pieces showed up in Baccarat stores all around Japan, and let’s just say that the price tag on some of these have jaws dropping!

The above Pikachu and Poke Ball have been released to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon and have a smooth yet weighty feel to them. Baccarat has stated that they make the perfect display piece, or paperweight, if you so choose. However, there’s something a little outrageous also available…

Do you have $30,000 USD? Congratulations! You can afford this super special crystal Pikachu that has a price point of over THREE MILLION YEN. It’s limited edition, with only 25 in the world in existence. Would you slap down that kind of money for this nearly one-of-a-kind Pikachu? Let us know!

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