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Pokemon Snap’in to the Switch!

The buzz is true! After 21 long years of us Pokemon lovers begging on our hands and knees for a new addition to the camera clickin’ N64 game, we’re finally getting a brand new Pokemon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch!

The short yet fresh reveal trailer showed off some of the basics of the game that we can expect. It looks like the rail-system is back, as are some of the classic items used in the first, like the apple you can see Pikachu chompin’ on! Pokemon from all sorts of generations were shown off in some HD glory, from exotic island lands to the crashing waves of the sea – it looks like we’ll have tons of settings to explore and snap pictures of Pokemon in!

Live your dreams, little guy!

Fond memories of discovering secrets and unlocking new stages are aplenty in the minds of older fans! Discovering flying Pikachu donning a ton of fun balloons, to the multiple secret evolutions you can trigger by Very Humanely Whacking Pokemon With Smoke Bombs And Apples, to that iconic final stage; trying to take the best pic of Mew you can while surrounded by the Pokemon Cosmos… We’re all looking forward to see what sort of new surprises and unlockables are available in the new addition!

Pokemon taught me that if I want something, all I have to do is ask!

So, what was your favourite Pokemon to take pictures of? What Pokemon are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know on our Twitter Page!

And, if you really can’t wait to get your Pokemon fix – check out HLJ’s massive selection of Pokemon goods!

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