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1/400 Evangelion Test Type-01 Awake Ver. by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

1/400 Evangelion Test Type-01 Awake Ver. by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (9)
EVA-01 awake Ver. is all put together. Let’s see how it looks!

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (1)
As usual not too many tools used, but if you want a better halo, you clear yellow spray might be a good idea.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (2)
Front, side and back shot.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (3)

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (5)
If you’ve check out the previous reviews, you can see how much mobility there is, but here you can see the new arm isn’t any worse.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (6)
The mouth can open.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (7)
When EVA-01 awakes, all he needs is a variety of different hands.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (8)
And it doesn’t take too much effort to get all kinds of fairly cool poses.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (10)

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (11)
A running pose is always good to show its high mobility. This is my favorite part about EVA line from Kotobukiya.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (12)
This Awake version also has two other forms, one of which is just a color variation of the original one shown here on the right,  and the other is just the original one with the new arm.  But this is of course the most exciting one I think.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (13)
As we can see here, it’s taller than MG Gundam 2.0, thanks to being an angel.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (14)
Some final thoughts. I’ve been speaking highly about the EVA line from Kotobukiya because of its proportions and mobility, and this one is also terrific as always. However, something I don’t really like is the way Kotobukiya chose what to include, as it’s more or less similar with EVA-02. I mean, Kotobukiya can easily give you a few extra plates without increasing the cost too much cost. Yet they chose not to do so, which makes it so difficult to transform from back and forth between the different types, as you need to rebuild part of the body, head and even arm. However, overall, I’m still quite pleased with the kit, as you can play with it and show it off in whatever cool pose you wish, and it will catch anyone’s eye!  Thanks for checking this out.

Rrobbert184-EVA-01 awake-Review (15)
You can (not) shoot.

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