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1/144 Gesterben Kai (Selena) by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

1/144 Gesterben Kai (Selena) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (1)
Gesterben Kai is all put together. Let’s take a look at what it has in store!

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (3)
Different from most kits, you may need the help of cement. Here’s the front, side and back shots when everything’s finished.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (4)

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (5)

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (6)
You can see some sharp details on the head and chest, and I’m really liking the backpack.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (7)
The elbow can bend more than 90°, which all things considered is not too bad for a Kotobukiya kit.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (8)
The waist can also bend back quite a bit.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (9)
90°ish for the legs.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (10)
The thrusters on the back reminds me of Sinanju.  Maybe a little Aile as well?

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (11)
The wings on the backpack can move, but don’t fold.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (12)
The posing will look pretty cool, even before adding weapons.  You’ll notice the feet don’t quite sit flat at this distance though.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (13)
Good thing it looks alright unarmed, as this is all there is to add!

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (14)
However, the blades on the side of the legs can be held in hand with a minor change with the grip.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (15)
The Aile Strike never did that now did he?

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (16)

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (17)
The two blades can also be put together to make a boomerang.  Go Shinn!

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (18)
As a 1/144 kit, it’s just a little bit shorter than the Master Grade Gundam 2.0.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (19)
And much taller than almost all mobile suits in the same scale.

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (20)
Now for some final thoughts. As a 1/144 kit with a lot of plates, surprisingly, it doesn’t take much time to build. As a customized Personal Trooper, you can see a lot of spare parts on the plates since there is a big difference between this kit and the previous one, especially in regards to the head, chest, and some other areas. The color looks quite good for me (good old red), and of course you can paint it properly to get the perfect look if you’ve got the time. The mobility is acceptable, but part of the problem is the armor on the arms and legs are just a bit too thick. But overall, it’s a nice kit to build and show off on your shelf!  Thanks for reading!

rrobbert184-gesterben-review (21)
“One day everything red will be called Trans-Am.”

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