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Frame Arms Girls Gorai by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

Frame Arms Girls Gourai by Kotobukiya Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (1)
Gourai the Frame Arms Girl from Kotobukiya is all put together. Let’s see how this kit looks!

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (2)
All you need is a pair of plastic nippers, although a little bit of glue might be useful.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (3)
Front, side and back shots. Definitely not that bulked out.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (6)
The face and hair are well detailed.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (7)
The elbows can bend more than 90°, and the shoulders can move well, too.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (8)
The use of double joints in the knee makes more actions possible, but as you can guess the treads have to get in the way.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (9)
There aren’t many weapons in this kit, but the optional faces, hands, and even arm and leg give you a lot of options.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (10)
Here are some ready to fight poses you can easily pull off.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (11)

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (12)
And by changing the right arm and leg, you can match the cover art.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (13)
She’s taller than a Real Grade kit from Bandai.

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (14)
Some final thoughts. I think Gourai is quite successful in terms of a plastic model kit. She’s got a good mobility and a cool look, and would stand out on your shelf without doubt. It’s a good problem to have compared to loose joints, but her upper arms are a little bit tight to move around. Despite that, it’s still hard to have her hold the huge cannon due to the weight. If you wanted to level up and add a bit of paint, the whole kit would look even better but even right out of the box, I think Kotobukiya did a very good job. With the M.S.G. series offering more and more weapons that are interchangeable, it looks like the line’s future is bright. Thanks for checking this out everyone!

Rrobbert184-Gourai Girl-Review (15)
Custom duel!

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  1. this kit shows discontinued on the HLJ site will it become available again ? kinda want to get one after looking at this.


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