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Tokyo Game Show 2015

With HobbyLink Japan’s recent introduction of great new gaming gear, the team took a trip to the Makuhari Messe convention center yesterday for our second-ever coverage of Tokyo Game Show! This was the biggest year for TGS yet, with games spread out between all 11 halls of the massive center!

We started at Konami’s booth and watched some live game footage of “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain,” then headed over to Koei Tecmo for a look at the upcoming “Attack on Titan” game and “Hyrule Warriors” for the 3DS! Afterwards, we went straight to Sony’s booth where we checked out several exciting new titles, including “Gravity Rush 2” and “Bloodborne” (featuring some new DLC). At Namco Bandai’s area, we were greeted by a huge Zaku II head advertising the new Gundam game “Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force!” We also checked out their upcoming fighting games from the anime series “Naruto,” “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” and “Saint Seiya!”
Next up was Square Enix where they were showing off the upcoming “Star Ocean 5” game, as well as “Dragon Quest Builders” and much more! Capcom showed off the long-awaited “Street Fighter V”, and we finished things off at EA with “Star Wars Battlefront,” where we even enjoyed playing a few missions! Check it all out in our video coverage here!

New figures from Square Enix! – Check out HLJ.com’s selection here!

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  1. Oh yeah! Gundam Extreme vs. Force along with Star Wars BattleFront can’t wait to get both games.

  2. Nice video guys! Looking forward to Battlefront! Also, just wondering, who was the female host in the video?

    • Nevermind, I just realized it was Lindsay LOL


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