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1/35 Tachikoma with Kusanagi Motoko & Batou by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/35 Tachikoma with Kusanagi Motoko & Batou by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (1)

Ghost in the Shell’s Tachikoma is all put together. Let’s see how it looks!

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (2)
As you may have guessed from he unbox, with the help of a top class nipper, it’s not a long build at all.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (3)
Front and side looks at the Tachikoma. Does it remind you of a honeypot ant?

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (4)

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (5)
The legs and arms actually have a pretty good range of movement.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (6)
The sensors on the body can also rotate 360°.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (7)
You can replace the grenade launcher with a gatling gun.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (8)
The back side is not particularly memorable.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (9)
But it opens up to expose some interior details.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (10)
Glue is required to put the figures together, and of course paint can only help their looks.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (11)
Motoko Kusanagi can be put into the cockpit.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (12)
And Miki can sit on it.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (13)
And when they’re all together, it looks like a happy family.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (14)
The size is similar to the Egg Plane.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (15)
And it just reaches the knees of MG Gundam 2.0.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (16)
And it may seem appropriate that the ant is smaller than a scorpion.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (17)
Now for some final thoughts.  I really think this was a fun quick build, with the end result being small and simple as expected.  That doesn’t mean however that it’s boring or lacking in details.  If fact, it has a good amount of gimmicks, making both the build and playing with it fun.  If there was one thing I could complain about, it’s the figures.  Kotobukiya has a lot of experience with prepainting and figures in general, so I thought they could look a little better out of the box.  On the other hand, it’s still nice that they include the team, and give you some fun posing options for them.  Finally, I think this is a great shade of blue, but you have to wonder if Kotobukiya will ever go the same route as Bandai and produce numerous color variations.  Let’s find out!  Thanks for reading everyone.

rrobbert184-tachikoma-review (18)
“We are cute in any scale.”

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  1. Hello RRobbert,
    what “top class nippers” do you use?
    I use Tamiya side cutters, plus a pair of Tamiya sharp pointer side cutters for finer details, but I’m always searching for better tools.

    Thanks in advance and best regards from Italy!

  2. Nice review, it’s a shame kotobukia discontinued this model so quickly, I was thinking in ordering this when the logicoma goes out, but for some reason kotobukia decided to discontinue this kit, I dont know why do they discontinue kits just a few months after their release.

  3. I was actually hoping for a bit more detail in this kit, for example, movable claws. It looks a little bit too simplistic in some areas. I completely agree with the review of the figures. Considering their tiny size and the difficulties painting figures of that size, it would have been nice if the figures had come pre-painted. Still, will be looking forward to putting my kit together with a nice coat of paint. I still have the HAW206 to build, but the two will look good together.

  4. Looks like I bought one of the last pieces. Man. But it kinda feels like it’s almost the same amount of plastic with Bandai HGs. Kinda tad pricey for this scale.


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