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1/35 Logicoma w/ Motoko Kusanagi & Daisuke Aramaki by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/35 Logicoma w/Motoko Kusanagi & Daisuke Aramaki by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (1)

Logicoma is all put together. How does it stack up compared to its brothers? Let’s find out!

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (2)
To put Logicoma together, plastic nippers are all you need. But for the figures, cement will be needed as well.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (3)
Front shot when it’s all complete.



rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (4)

Side shot.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (5)

And finally a back shot.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (11)
It’s looking pretty sharp overall.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (7)
The top is nicely detailed, between the different colors of plastic and lining options. You can change the anchor launcher with a one and three option.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (6)
Not a lot of option parts, but they should add to the playability.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (8)
The container can open by taking off the cover and attaching it in an upright position.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (9)
The hatch on the top opens up.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (10)
The stretched arms look pretty good.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (12)
Here’s the whole big family, with the three glued figures.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (13)
As for the size, it’s almost as big as Tachicoma.

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (14)
Some final thoughts. As expected, the build is not very complicated yet still enjoyable. Overall, the sculpt and mobility are quite good, but you do have to be careful regarding the stability when you work with the arms and legs.  But when it’s standing up, there’re no problems. One thing I think Kotobukiya could have done a bit better on is the gimmicks. I mean, the container, the arms, etc, could be made movable with just a few minor design changes. But overall with good colors and figures, this a nice addition to the whole Ghost In The Shell family!

rrobbert184-Logicoma-review (15)
Red Frame and Blue Frame?

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  1. MY wife want me to do this kit for her and paint and deatil it up i told i would when she pays for it so that should be comeing at some point great post thoe.

  2. I did this kit more than a month ago, and I think this is one of the most charming kits out there.


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