Oct 28

In episode 134 we unbox a big blue Valvrave, look at the just released Wing Zero Proto, and show a little bit more of the Syd’s kit-bash, that is slowly coming together.

Syd Kit Bash Progress 10 2013-7

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 Valvrave V Hiuchiba
1/100 MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Ver.
1/48 VF-1J Valkyrie Macross 30th Anniversary
1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka
1/100 MG Qubeley


  1. this is more a question than a comment. I’m starting to go beyond just building and panel lining models. like weathering and battle damage. I was wanting to know when painting is hand ok or a airbrush is needed?

    • Whatever floats your boat, there is no rule. Hand brushing is much harder to do well than airbrushing. Try both.

  2. Syd,

    What with the claws and the big tail, I’d say it looks more like a platypus than a mallard.

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